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Articles By Tim Siglin
Tim Siglin | LandingZone, which will be available in a few weeks for $199.00 in two sizes—11" or 13" designs—mimics all the connectors of a last-generation Core2Duo MacBook Air. Read on to find out about current model MacBook Air devices, which have Thunderbolt connectors instead of mini DisplayPort connectors.
Posted 08 Feb 2012 By
Tim Siglin | DualEyes does its work with an ease that makes synchronization almost seem like magic, requiring very limited knowledge from the user.
Posted 25 Apr 2011 By
Tim Siglin | WebM is a new format that Google has offered to the online video community, consisting of both an open source audio and video codec under the file extension .webm. It promises high-quality video (though not necessarily better-than-H.264 as claimed), smooth playback, and YouTube support, plus it's free, and it has Google behind it. So is it a win-win for us, as content producers, and for our clients and other web video consumers?
Posted 16 Jul 2010 By
Tim Siglin | What can an online video platform (OVP) such as Brightcove, Ooyala, or Sorenson do for you and your business?
Posted 03 May 2010 By
Tim Siglin | The case for a live production workflow—and a new magazine and website dedicated to it.
Posted 29 Jan 2010 By
Tim Siglin | Sometimes things just don't go as planned. As we get ready for the holidays, including church pageants and celebrations that have to be recorded, broadcast, or streamed, it's worth taking a moment to think about contingency plans. Should you roll tapes in the cameras as well as at the master recorder? Is it time to buy a disk-based recording device to act as a backup to the master recorder? These issues were brought home a few weeks ago when a client emailed in a panic.
Posted 01 Oct 2008 / October 2008 Issue By
Tim Siglin | In pursuit of a little "down time," away from technology, my oldest daughter suggested that I accompany her on a trip to Acapulco, Mexico, this summer to help with a construction project at an orphanage. While I was hoping to take a break from video there, it turned out my video skills were much in demand. And yours might be too.
Posted 01 Aug 2008 / August 2008 Issue By
August 2008 EventDV
Tim Siglin | From time to time, I get a chance to consult for one of my favorite types of clients: churches that want to move beyond their "tape libraries" and into streaming or broadcasting their services and conferences to the world. Many of those churches have already moved into putting their services online, via a podcast on iTunes. But in doing so, they've found that they don't get the full impact of allowing viewers to join with them live. Just after the mid-April National Association of Broadcasters show, I had the chance to visit one of the churches I'm working with.
Posted 01 Jul 2008 / July 2008 Issue By
Tim Siglin | This column will focus on getting footage in and out of the editing system while maintaining HDV's original quality.
Posted 07 Mar 2008 By
Tim Siglin | Recently I've been hard at work on a white paper about Flash Video that relates to the insurgence of high-definition streaming, I'd like to review three HD formats that are vying for low-cost professional attention: HDV, AVCHD, and H.264.
Posted 04 Feb 2008 By
Tim Siglin | Some suggestions for how videographers and churches alike can work more effectively with wedding coordinators
Posted 28 Jan 2008 By
Tim Siglin | As we move into the new year, though, some very interesting things are happening with the Three As--Adobe, Apple, and Avid--which will create both uncertainty and opportunity in the world of postproduction and affect those doing video work at their local houses of worship.
Posted 08 Jan 2008 By
Tim Siglin | A growing number of churches are looking for ways to capture audio and video, and then project that content onto large screens. For those seeking to combine all those elements into a recording for archiving or streaming, this column will describe rich media recording (which may also include text and graphics) and how to integrate it into your worship program.
Posted 29 Nov 2007 By
Tim Siglin | Those of you who stream your worship services or put pre-recorded content up on the web for parishoners and visitors to view at a later date know the hassle of choosing between competing streaming video formats. And you may also know that the format war is also becoming a player war. Well, the player choices just got a lot more interesting.
Posted 07 Sep 2007 By
Tim Siglin | Event videographer Buckwheat Johnson serves as the church videographer for the First Baptist Church in Windom, Minnesota, bringing experience and longevity to one particular house of worship that shows how churches across the country have progressed from audio to video—and in some instances, to streaming.
Posted 26 Jul 2007 By
Newly branded Adobe product allows creation of finely honed message, with software-based green screen, telepromopter, recording, and live-switch solution.
Posted 12 Jul 2007 By
Tim Siglin | Fortunately for our EventDV readers that may be called upon to use their talents to cut together 400 digital still images—and just as many digital video clips from a variety of cameras—into a coherent music video telling the story of the activity, Adobe and Apple have both released upgrades to their flagship video, motion graphics, and audio tools that will help meet these needs.
Posted 27 Jun 2007 By
Tim Siglin | With the introduction of powerful image and video software tools, puppetry has become an innovative way for teens to communicate with young and old alike. Here's a look at a Greensboro, NC-based worship team that uses a series of software tools to create the right mood, performance material, motion graphics, and promotional items needed for hour-long puppet productions, layouts, and take-home DVDs.
Posted 01 Jun 2007 By
Tim Siglin | The content you create is a new work, which means you retain ownership, but if the sum of the contents include content you didn’t create, don’t forget to get a license. Being legalistic in this regard is good for your reputation and for the reputation of the house of worship you represent.
Posted 16 Mar 2007 By
Tim Siglin | Let's examine the skills required by a variety of houses of worship for their ministry video team.
Posted 31 Jan 2007 By
Tim Siglin | How do you budget for a video recording, production, and media delivery solution for a small house of worship? Here are two ways of thinking through a very low-cost solution.
Posted 03 Jan 2007 By
Tim Siglin | Today, many smaller houses of worship are aspiring to add video, graphics, and enhanced sound capabilities. But the two primary questions in these smaller churches, still remain: First, do we need video? And, if we do, can we afford it?
Posted 22 Sep 2006 By
Tim Siglin | NewTek's TriCaster Pro builds on the solid base of the initial TriCaster but adds features that make it worthy of use in a pro environment. The $6,995 price point positions the product at the very low end of pro equipment, but the features rival mid-range pro products.
Posted 05 Sep 2006 By
Tim Siglin | The first-generation MacBook Pro ($2,499 as reviewed) meets expectations for a mobile editing platform. Especially when using the new Final Cut Studio 5.1 Universal edition and working with HDV footage, event videographers will be pleasantly surprised with the MacBook Pro’s performance as a solid desktop replacement.
Posted 28 Jun 2006 By
Tim Siglin | Houses of worship in all shapes and sizes face issues of recording and transmitting their message. Some spread the word (or Word) by tape, some by CD, some across radio and cable television. Yet those in the super-large, or “mega-church,” category, face several other challenges that most houses of worship don’t face. Let’s look at a few of these.
Posted 31 May 2006 By
Tim Siglin | Liquid packs a powerful set of features into a single program. While other suites of programs offer similar functionality, they do so at a dollar amount more than twice that of Liquid. Anyone interested in an integrated, powerful, Windows-based editing program—especially those whose immediate needs include nimble-HDV or multiple-format editing and integrated DVD creation—should strongly consider Avid's software-only Liquid or hardware/software Liquid Pro bundle.
Posted 24 Apr 2006 By
Tim Siglin | Cleaner XL 1.5 builds on the legacy that Cleaner has created over the last decade, but it also adds new features, formats, and codecs to the mix, plus enhanced transcoding speed via hyperthreading support. For anyone who needs a way to standardize content for editing, or to easily put content on DVD, the Web, and upcoming delivery media, Cleaner XL 1.5 deserves a serious look.
Posted 28 Feb 2006 By
Tim Siglin | This bimonthly column will cover a variety of topics over the next year. We'll first explore the growing trend in mega-churches toward installing and using multicamera setups, displaying video on multiple giant screens, and beaming it across the U.S. Some of these systems rival or exceed systems used in convention centers and civic auditoriums.
Posted 23 Jan 2006 By
As the love fades from Adobe’s relationship with Apple, Macromedia’s Web development and video products could give the company a leg up in the creative tools war.
Posted 04 May 2005 By
Tim Siglin|Optibase backs away from its commitment to research and development in its Media 100 non-linear video editing business unit. Where does that leave Media 100 editors?
Posted 20 Jan 2005 / July 1999 [Volume 8, Issue 7] Issue By