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Articles By David Robin
David Robin | If there were no budget constraints, this is how I would visualize the perfect wedding video.
Posted 16 Sep 2005 By
We are creating videos for profit, so using copyright-protected music for our event productions is illegal. That said, if I were to take the law into my own hands, hypothetically speaking, this is how I would come up with some creative music for the “Timeshift” video concept introduced in the April installment of The Main Event.
Posted 21 Jul 2005 / October 1999 [Volume 8, Issue 10] Issue By
David Robin | When it comes to editing wedding video, who, in his infinite wisdom, determined that the video should start with the opening titles/invitation followed by the pre-ceremony, ceremony, post-ceremony, reception, and recap?
Posted 01 Apr 2005 By
David Robin|How much direction should a videographer give during a wedding? Robin says: Little or none.
Posted 04 Feb 2005 / KMWorld Buyer's Guide [September 1999] Issue By
Comparing the cost of photography and videography
Posted 01 Dec 2004 / May 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 6] Issue By
Posted 08 Sep 2004 / March 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 3] Issue By
Looking back over nineteen years in the business known to the world as Event Videography, it amazes me how much has changed. It’s not just the technology, the clientele, client expectations, the competition, or my vantage point. More than that, it’s the dynamics of the business, and the way those of us in it are perceived.
Posted 01 Jul 2004 / January 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 1] Issue By