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Josh McDaniel (buck@simulacra.to) is a freelance writer based in Colorado. He is also co-author, with Bob Starrett, of The Little Audio CD Recording Book, published by Peachpit Press.

Articles By Josh McDaniel
The Rimage 2000i boasts deft and dashing robotics, two unimpeachable Plextor Premium 52X CD recorders (8X Pioneer A07s in the DVD version), and Rimage’s well-nigh smudge-proof 480i thermal ink printer, as well as a disc mastering application called QuickDisc that makes multiple-project management and prioritizing a priori easy.
Posted 29 Sep 2004 / March 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 4] Issue By
Like digital audio before it, digital video has its critics, who say it’s too crisp and cool to replace its analog antecedent. Enter CineSwitch and Magic Bullet, two technologies designed to give DV the film-like look it’s missing. But the question remains: how long will we miss it?
Posted 08 Aug 2003 / March 2005 Issue By