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Articles By Geoff Daily
In recent years, we've seen the rise in prominence of a new wave of dynamic videographers building successful businesses and national reputations before they're eligible to belly up to an open bar. In this article, we'll profile four event video prodigies.
Posted 28 Nov 2007 By
Geoff Daily | From its earliest days in the event video business, VHVideo.com, as it's now known, has been both a technologically savvy operation and a family affair. Their innovation and tech-savviness has made them pioneers in HD production and delivery and brought them numerous international event video awards; most recently, their 6 CEAs at WEVA 2007 included 3 Golds.
Posted 31 Aug 2007 By
Geoff Daily | Continuing our expansion of Studio Time's global sweep, this month we profile the work of Dominic Velasco and Imacron Digital, his Philippines-based video production and video editing company, and its stateside outsourcing offshoot, Imacron USA.
Posted 01 Mar 2007 By
Geoff Daily | This month, we take a look inside the Makati City, the Philippines studio of Jason Magbanua, who took home eight Artistic Achievement Awards (including Best in Show) at the 4EVER Group's Video 07, and was selected to the 2006 EventDV 25.
Posted 29 Jan 2007 By
Geoff Daily | The most dramatic shift in wedding and event video today is time itself—the timeshift video, with which an increasing number of videographers are imposing imaginative alterations on an event’s chronological sequence to create dazzling and emotionally compelling results.
Posted 26 Sep 2006 By
Geoff Daily | In EventDV's new videographer "ride-along" feature, Geoff Daily shadows DC-area videographer Abby Sternberg on a stage-event shoot. Here's what he saw.
Posted 30 May 2006 By
Geoff Daily | Going full-time with videography involves some serious risk-taking, but many do find the rewards are worth the risk. How can part-time videographers make the jump to full-time?
Posted 30 Mar 2006 By
Geoff Daily | Event videography is largely a local business, with videographers serving markets in closest proximity to them; relocating to a new market inevitably means losing established business as well as your hard-earned reputation. But relocating can bring about opportunities as well as challenges, and might even be just what your business needs.
Posted 01 Dec 2005 By
For nearly two decades now, local associations have provided a forum for those event videographers who seek out the best education possible and who also recognize the real and tangible benefits of being able to network and socialize with camera-toting colleagues.
Posted 01 Sep 2005 / August 1999 [Volume 8, Issue 8] Issue By
Geoff Daily | Video biographies range from photo montages to full-blown A&E-style productions with interviews, voiceovers, and old film footage. While video bios make up only a small part of some practitioners’ business, there also has emerged a cottage industry of videographers who specialize in the retelling of lives on video.
Posted 01 Jul 2005 By
Geoff Daily | Tim and LeeAnn Ryan's Treasured Memories Video
Posted 27 Mar 2005 By
Geoff Daily | From font selection and placement to backgrounds and motion, videography titling is more art than science.
Posted 09 Mar 2005 / KMWorld Buyer's Guide [September 1999] Issue By
Geoff Daily | Service authors, hosts, and streams DVDs to videographers' clients with menus and full navigation
Posted 07 Mar 2005 By
Geoff Daily|An essential part of any videographer’s marketing materials is an effective, professional demo reel. But trying to condense an entire body of work into a seamless and emotionally charged five-minute highlight reel is often easier said than done.
Posted 17 Jan 2005 / July 1999 [Volume 8, Issue 7] Issue By
Making the jump from outsourcing disc-duplication to in-house DVD production
Posted 01 Dec 2004 / May 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 6] Issue By
Geoff Daily | The perfect song is a hallmark of the perfect wedding. But what about the perfect wedding video? If you want to sync that song to your footage, you’ve got to pay the copyright holder, and without a scalable fee structure in place, owners of desirable copyrights are unlikely even to negotiate with videographers. Royalty-free music sources offer one alternative, as do original compositions. But if your competition promises the perfect song, copyright be damned, how can you keep up and still stay on the safe side of the law?
Posted 08 Sep 2004 / March 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 3] Issue By
This month’s STUDIO TIME profiles Loi Bahn, founder of Vancouver, British Columbia-based studio, bluecore media, and winner of the 2002 and 2003 WEVA Creative Excellence gold medals for DVD authoring.
Posted 11 Aug 2004 By
Geoff Daily|While we're still a year away from seeing any products on the shelves, the DVD Forum has laid another cornerstone for its next-generation blue-laser HD-DVD format by selecting the H.264 Advanced Video Codec (AVC) for encoding video that will be delivered on the new discs.
Posted 02 Aug 2004 / February 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 2] Issue By
Capturing and editing the most precious and sacred moments in a person’s life will—more often than not—look, sound, and memorialize the event better if left in the hands of a professional.
Posted 08 Jul 2004 / January 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 1] Issue By
Popularized by documentarian Ken Burns, still image pan and zoom has moved front-and-center in the ever-shifting focus of desktop video editing. Available via two stand-out, standalone products as well as a handful of plug-ins, pan and zoom is also a built-in feature of many popular NLEs.
Posted 06 May 2004 By
Reelhouse sets out to bring royalty-free FX and motion graphics to the masses
Posted 04 Mar 2004 / November 2005 Issue By
Posted 31 Dec 2003 / September 2005 Issue By
Geoff Daily | Today's top digital audio workstation solutions bring sophisticated sound editing to desktop Macs and PCs with sub-$1000 price tags, modest learning curves, and fluid interchange with many NLEs.
Posted 01 Dec 2003 / July/August 2005 Issue By
This month' Gear & Now takes a look at the CobraCrane, EZ FX Jib, and the HI-POD XP-1
Posted 27 Apr 1998 / April 1998 [Volume 7,Iissue 5] Issue By
This month’s Studio Time takes a look into the mind of one individual who has found joy in mastering the last step in any DVD-bound event video project.
Posted 16 Mar 1998 / March 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 3] Issue By