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Articles By Jeff Sauer
Jeff Sauer | There’s a lot to like about the new Vegas+DVD Production Suite, particularly if you happen to shoot with XDCAM. Vegas 7’s improved HDV support will appeal to a much broader audience, as will the faster audio processing, and the new DVD Architect features advanced scripting and some nifty DVD timeline enhancements for motion menu designers. Vegas remains quirky in places, but it’s a deep editor with a lot of features, and most of those features are right at your fingertips in the main interface.
Posted 03 Jan 2007 By
Jeff Sauer | EDIUS does a very good job handling multiple formats, and that may attract some interest from videographers who regularly work with different types of source footage. It also includes several fine new features, including an effective trim tool and a time-saving multi-camera interface. But overall, as a standalone product, EDIUS Pro 4 is unlikely to overtake a market that’s already crowded at the top. That may change as Grass Valley puts more of its own mark on the interface, but it will only happen over time.
Posted 26 Sep 2006 By
Jeff Sauer | CES 2006 offered another glimpse at the future of optical media, this time the high definition-capable replacement for DVD. But that future doesn't look very bright at all.
Posted 20 Jan 2006 By
For those who bet that Apple would soon lead the way in integrated multi-application postproduction suites, Final Cut Studio pays off handsomely. There are some nice feature additions found in the individual application upgrades—for example, Final Cut Pro’s new multicam editing feature—but the four-tool Studio suite is much more than the sum of its parts.
Posted 11 Oct 2005 By
Jeff Sauer | Though the risk vs. reward ratio can be rather high for an event shoot, live switching can be both exhilarating and a highly efficient use of time.
Posted 11 Oct 2005 By
Avid Xpress Studio HD is far more expensive than the competition. That will and should dissuade some potential users, as will the somewhat steeper learning curve for most of the tools compared to Apple, Adobe, or Ulead. But consider what you’re getting: three industry-standard, time-proven editing interfaces in Xpress Pro, Pro Tools LE, and Avid 3D, and solid DVD authoring technology from Sonic in Avid DVD, that are continuing to evolve and grab features from their high-end siblings.
Posted 08 Aug 2005 / Chrystal Corporate Profile [January 1999] Issue By
Jeff Sauer | To avoid the return of open-system horror stories, several open-system partners led by Adobe have introduced OpenHD Certification, a joint effort to offer pre-tested configurations of HD-capable editing workstations.
Posted 02 Aug 2005 By
Jeff Sauer | The two new bundles from Avid and Apple are non-linear editing collections that include an NLE interface (Avid Xpress Pro and Final Cut Pro), as well as audio editing software, DVD authoring software, and other creation tools--Avid FX and Avid 3D in Avid Xpress Studio and Apple's Motion 2 motion graphics application in Final Cut Studio.
Posted 14 Jun 2005 By
Jeff Sauer | What does Avid's recent acquisition of Pinnacle mean to videographers, and users of Pinnacle Studio and Liquid Edtion in particular?
Posted 25 Apr 2005 By
Jeff Sauer|When the digital video industry was born roughly a decade and a half ago, it was really more like the birth of twins--fraternal twins, to be sure.
Posted 17 Jan 2005 / July 1999 [Volume 8, Issue 7] Issue By
Judging for the DVD Awards looked at not just the movie, but also how it's augmented by the options and features afforded by the DVD format.
Posted 27 Oct 2004 / April 1998 [Volume 7,Iissue 5] Issue By
Posted 08 Sep 2004 / March 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 3] Issue By
Jeff Sauer| In the most basic way, Apple's "without any special hardware" claim regarding the G5 and HD is still rather misleading. For some 97% of the computer-using population, gaining access to any of Apple's increasingly impressive set of tools does require a significant piece of special hardware: the computer itself.
Posted 12 Aug 2004 By
Posted 01 Jun 2004 By
by Jeff Sauer
Posted 30 Jan 2004 By
Jeff Sauer | Is the current trend of integrating video editing and DVD authoring the wave of the future or a passing ripple? Is treating DVD authoring as anything other than than a serious, self-contained discipline something that professional users should take seriously? And among current options, what works, what doesn’t, and in what situations?
Posted 30 Dec 2003 / September 2005 Issue By
Posted 01 Nov 2003 / June 2005 Issue By
Synopsis: In Final Cut Pro 4, Apple has addressed obvious weaknesses of earlier versions, bolstered workflow, and added features that make it a killer editing application virtually regardless of price.
Posted 03 Oct 2003 / May 2005 Issue By
Posted 12 Aug 2003 By
Posted 01 Jul 2003 / January/February 2005 Issue By
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