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Tutorial: Making Fast and Simple Color Adjustments in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5
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Making Simple Color Changes in Premiere Pro’s Fast Color Corrector

But let’s tackle color first. The Fast Color Corrector—which you’ll find under Video Effects—is a very, very simple tool for making simple color adjustments. Click the disclosure triangle adjacent to Fast Color Corrector to reveal the White Balance control. Click the eye dropper and click a pixel in the frame that’s supposed to be white. In our example, the color chip is brown. That tells us that the clip is brownish and corrects for that (Figure 5, below).

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5

Figure 5. The color chip next to Fast Color Corrector shows that the clip is more brownish than it should be.

To boost the adjustment a little bit further, drag the little circle in the color wheel or scroll down in the Effect Controls tab and adjust the Balance Magnitude value, as shown in Figure 6 (below).

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5

Figure 6. Adjusting Balance Magnitude in the Fast Color Corrector

If I want to preview with and without the adjustment applied, as with any filter in Premiere Pro, click the Fx button next to the Fast Color Corrector effect to toggle the effect on and off. You can also do a splitscreen view in the monitor, which is most useful if you do it vertically, which allows you to control the location of the adjustment. In this example, if I set it at about 45 it’s positioned in the middle of my face, and I can see that in the White Balance color chip that it’s yellowish before the adjustment and corrected after.

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