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The Reel Deal: I Have an App for That!
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Kris's Top 50 Apps for Wedding Vendors:

SermonAudio.com (free): "Browse sermons by event: weddings, funerals, etc.  Browse churches by name, location, denomination."   

Animoto (free):
Create short photo montages on your iphone and upload to Facebook or email to friends   

AroundMe (free)
: "Find the nearest anything around you (restaurant, hospital, florist, etc.)"   

Dex Knows (free):
"DexKnows.com, a local search expert, has developed the ultimate local search tool.  Find businesses or people."   

Weddings 911 by the Knot (free):
This is a great source for advice - You can also post your wedding questions and instantly get answers from other brides-to-be.   

iHandy Tool (free):
"Get 5 professionals tools in the handy carpenter toolkit:  protractor, ruler, plumb bob, surface level, level bar"   

iTalk Lite (free):
"Make voice recordings or record a conversation, etc. and transfer to a PC or Mac"   

Mapquest 4 mobile (free):
"Speaks street names aloud, re-routes automatically, and runs in the background with iOS 4 making FREE navigation easier."   

Pandora Radio
(free): "Just start with the name of your favorite artists, songs, etc. & Pandora will create a ""station"" that plays their music and more music like it."   

Quick Tip (free):
Provides a fast and easy way to calculate the tip for a bill based on the % of your choice   

ESPN Score Center (free):
Keep the grooms and groomsmen updated on the big score of the game to avoid distractions.   

Shazam (free):
"You can now identify a song you hear in the movies, radio, on television, etc. with just the tap of a button."   

You Send It (free):
Track the video files you send with this app.  You can send up to 2 Gig of information for free - larger files require a fee.   

Internet Translator (free):
This is a powerful translator. It uses Google translation server.  you can send your translations through email.    

Tweet Deck (free):
"Stay in touch with what is happening on twitter - send tweets, re-tweet"   

Facebook (free):
"Update your facebook on the wedding day by posting photos, videos and updates"

Wedding Wire (free):
Brides can easily manager their wedding planning from anywhere and search for wedding professionals

Mile Bug Lite (free):
This free version allows you to keep track of business miles which are tax deductible

Accu Weather (free):
Get weather updates and see the radar - especially important when dealing with an outdoor wedding.

Holy Bible KJV (free):
Did any readers leave their reading behind?  Use this to pull up the verse quickly and easily

Paypal (free):
Allows you to send money to friends and family using your existing account.

Film Budget (free):
Up to three project budgets can be tracked

DSLR slate ($4.99):
"Has a color chart, selectable running timecode, along with all the traditional items for input such as Scene, Take, Framerate, Director, etc."

Movie slate ($9.99):
"Easy way to log footage and take notes as you shoot; includes clapboard, shot log and shot notebpad"

Wedding Videos
(free): "This app is a collection of the best videos to see if you are planning a wedding (includes wedding dress styles, flower advice, etc.)"

Wedding Dash Lite
(free): Fun action puzzle game to relieve the stress of wedding  planning

Wedding Dress (free):
This app by the Knot helps brides find the perfect wedding dress

Wedding Vows ($0.99):
Can't decide on your vows - choose from a sample of wedding vows

Sunrise Sunset Lite (free):
Allows you to select a date and location to find the sunset and sunrise

Wedding Day ($0.99):
A real time count down to your wedding day - then keeps track of how long you have been married.

"Waltz,,,Your WeddingDance" ($0.99):
Learn the waltz for your wedding (other styles of dance available too)

Bride & Groom Poses ($4.99):
A wedding photo posing guide for photographers and brides & grooms

iWedding Deluxe ($9.99):
Wedding planner and organizational app

Wedding Savings (free):
Shows you how much money you need to save for your wedding

Wedding Clink (free):
Clink by shaking your iPhone - a fun app to use at the reception

Toasts Master ($0.99):
"Over 400 toasts, 200 famous quotes and 101 proverbs in 24 categories"

Knocking Live Video (free):
Share Video of the wedding day (for example) with other iphone users.  You can sync with other smart phones

DJ Mixer Ultimate (free):
Use DJ Mixer to quickly play a continuous mix of your music with smooth fades between songs or to mix your tracks at a party or just for yourself.

Red Laser (free):
Scans barcodes and you comparable prices when doing any type of (business) shopping

Pro Prompter ($9.99):
Turns your iphone or itouch into a scrolling teleprompter

Color Splash (free):
Allows you to add some creative touches to the photos you take on your iphone.

Ask Dave Ramsey (free):
"A financial app from personal finance guru, Dave Ramsey.  Helps you stay on track with your budget."

Groove Maker (free):
"This is the app for creaating non-stop electronic, dance and hip-hop tracks in real-time, by anyone, anywhere, like a professional DJ."

Wedding Anniversaries (free):
Ensure you have the right gift for the right anniversary every year.  Be traditionalist or go for modern

Color my Wedding ($4.99):
"Create photo samples with your wedding colors, just touch objects in the photos to change their colors instantly."

Wedding Etiquette ($0.99):
"Discover how to plan, manager and adapt perfect wedding etiquette with a step-by-step insider secret guide to save more money."

Brides Wedding Genius (free):
From Brides magazine - the ultimate tool for busy brides

500 Wedding Cakes Sampler ($4.99):
a display of over 500 wedding cakes and the details

Wedding Timeline (free):
Displays a timeline of your wedding day so all vendors can be on the same page

Wedding Tips ($0.99):
Popular wedding tips from leading experts.  Learn ways to save money on your wedding.

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