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AV3 'get' For Apple Final Cut Pro Now Available for Download
Posted Aug 9, 2010 Print Version     Page 1of 1

AV3 Software, a media software developer and electronic download store, and Nexidia, the market-leading provider of audio search and speech analytics solutions, today announced the general availability of ‘get.’

Announced at NAB 2010, where it won a prestigious DV magazine Black Diamond Award, ‘get’ for Final Cut Pro (FCP) streamlines the process of identifying and selecting the right content for any editing project, and revolutionizes workflows by saving hours of manual searching, tagging and logging.

Getting started and using ‘get’ is as easy as 1-2-3. First, a user needs to index the media files to be reviewed, then perform the search for clips and finally, export the results:

   1. Index QuickTime wrapped media files residing on internal drives, FireWire, USB drives or any direct-attached RAID storage devices.

   2. Search for spoken words or passages within pre-indexed media files and Final Cut Pro projects.  Preview the results using the media player and jump to each marked, time code accurate, ’hit’ within an individual clip or piece of media.

   3. Export desired results (media and/or clips) directly into a selected Final Cut Pro project Browser or Bin. Edit-Ready clips are available immediately with incorporated Markers at each instance of the spoken word search term.

The response to ‘get’ has been extremely positive. “I’m still picking jaws up off the floor after giving fellow film makers a peek,” said Doug Blush of Madpix, Inc. Emmy award winner Lisa Blackstone of  Blackstone Productions noted, “From now on there’s no way I’ll work on an edit without get-izing it first.”

Price and Availability
Priced at $499 US, ‘get’ is now available for download. To try ‘get,’ download a trial version of the software at http://www.av3software.com.

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