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Presenting ... The 2009 EventDV 25 Finalists
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Back in January in this "EventDV 25 Update" clip on EventDV-TV, I announced that we'd be taking a slightly different approach with the EventDV 25 this year, announcing not just the "top 25" as in past years but also a group of finalists, consisting, essentially, of a second group of 25 that stood out in this year's voting as tabulated by me and our esteemed commissioner, John Goolsby. The main idea here was to highlight a number of studios who are clearly "on the bubble," edging ever so closer to cracking the EventDV 25 and stepping into the spotlight as all-stars in the coming years. There are, of course, several familiar names here, EventDV 25 all-stars from the 2006, 2007, and 2008 lists who did well in the voting again this year but didn't register a top 25 vote total this time around. Here you'll also see quotes from the voters to get a sense of what makes these companies hot and influential, and what the newcomers are doing to climb the ladder and emerging as forces to be reckoned with in our ever-evolving industry. Listings are alphabetical, starting with...

Lee Bakogiannakis, 2dg, Thessaloniki, Greece

2dgstyle - 60sec real for Event Dv magazine from lee bakogiannakis on Vimeo.

"Lee still inspires with his truly original style. With a unique way of capturing emotions, his work is the equivalent of wedding photojurnalism in wedding cinematography."—Spiros Zaharakis, Spiros Zaharakis Photography 


Dustin Blake, IndyProductionsDotNet, Atlanta, Georgia

Under Water from Dustin Blake on Vimeo.

"indy Productions is constantly raising the bar in the international wedding cinematography game! Slick camera work, top-notch editing, and the instincts to deliver above and beyond the client's expectations. To put it plain and simple indy Productions is simply the best in its field, bar none!"—James Dunn, 3rd Son Video


Sylvia Broeckx & Niels Puttemans, Ever After Video Productions, Sheffield, UK

"Sylvia and Niels truly care about their work and clients. They will never hesitate to help someone out no matter what time of day (or night) it may be."—Jerome Cloninger, JC/DV Productions


Rusty Bryce, Rusty Bryce Wedding Films, Houston, Texas
Rusty Bryce Wedding Films

"Rusty shares wisdom with what I would call the 'common videographer'—people that are not living in high-end markets shooting pretty people on the beach. He has a no-nonsense approach to shooting, editing, and delivering a quality product in a timely fashion, one that allows him to continue to make money in video. His style and philosophy have drawn me back into wedding video after laying out for a couple of years. Take everyone that does seminars and training videos ... I'll still take Rusty. He produces the kind of videos I would want if I were getting married."—Scott Brooks, Scott Brooks Photo and Video


Sharrone Calafiore, Fiore Films, Howell, New Jersey


"Who says wedding films can't be sexy? Sharrone goes way beyond that, putting her films in a unique class all her own."—David Perry, David Perry Films


Dave Cowling, D'nM Wedding Films, Sydney, Australia

"David is someone who I look up to for inspiration with the solid work he produces and business sense he continually shares in the Australian wedding community."—Peter Szilvester, Living Lens Videography


Ron Dawson, Dare Dreamer Media

"Ron's contributions to the industry are amazing and something I truly appreciate. His book ReFocus is the essential handbook for anyone in the event video world; whether you've been doing this for 15 days or 15 years, there is a handful of great ideas, suggestions, and techniques to propel your business forward. His podcasts on the photography side of things and now filmmaking are incredibly inspiring."—Jeff Brouillet, Jeff Brouillet Video Productions


Glen Elliott, GmElliott Wedding Videography, Williamstown, New Jersey

Shanna & Matthew Highlights- St. Thomas, USVI from Glen Elliott on Vimeo.

"Rock solid consistency with every piece produced. He always freely shares information and ideas. His time shifting keeps viewers interest from start to finish."—Matt Barwick, Barwick Multimedia


Julie & Alex Hill, Elysium Productions and The Re:Frame Collective, Orange County, California

Stacey & Stefan's Original Series Highlights from Arroyo Trabuco Country Club from Elysium Productions on Vimeo.

"What Julie and Alex are doing with Elysium Productions is truly inspirational. They have perfected the art of combining a high number of weddings with an extremely high production value."—Dave Cowling, D'mN Wedding Films


Philip Hinkle, Frogman Productions, Stoughton, Wisconsin

Jason and Marla's Movie Trailer from Philip Hinkle on Vimeo.

"Great asset to this industry and very willing to share work and help others!"—Jerome Cloninger, JC/DV Productions


Jorge Jaramillo, Cinematografia de Bodas, Tamaulipas, Mexico

Teaser Vane y Luis Manuel - Lagos de Chapala, Jalisco from Jorge Jaramillo on Vimeo.

"Young and talented, very passionate, only Mexican videographer to have given video seminars in about 10 mexican cities and WEVA Orlando in 2009!"—Raquel Gonzalez, Quimichi


Oleg Kalyan, Oleg Kalyan Films, Moscow, Russia

Anton&Katya, documentary style wedding video from Oleg Kalyan on Vimeo.

"His work is fresh and stylish with a cutting edge. He brings a whole new feel to wedding cinema with his Russian roots. His films make you feel all the emotions."—Joe Simon, Joe Simon Productions


Ryan Koral, Epic Motion, Royal Oak, Michigan

Meadow Brook Hall Wedding Video Trailer of Lindsey + James from Ryan Koral on Vimeo.

"Ryan is not just good looks and charisma. He has been able to build and sustain his business in the nation's toughest economy and still finds time to be generous enough to be an educator to our industry."—Chris P. Jones, Mason Jar Films


Alex Martucci, Digital Dream/Films, Belleville, New Jersey

"The top wedding videographer in northern New Jersey. His work is outstanding and very creative."—Tony Cucci, Dream Maker Productions


Joey Mathews, 31 Films, Houston, Texas

"Joey is really great at telling stories. Both his incredible wedding pieces and the shorts he produces for local churches (Kyle's Story) really show his true talent and remarkable storytelling. Joey is a guy I look up to."—Andrew Sorlie, SorlieArts


Rochelle Morris, Sauvignon Media Creations, Melbourne, Australia

Andrew & Kimberley - Trailer - 27th Feb 2010 from Sauvignon Media Creations on Vimeo.

"Rochelle has been a very strong presence in the Australian wedding video community with pushing the market here to continually grow and producing great work."—Peter Szilvester, Living Lens Videography


Bruce Patterson, Cloud Nine Creative & Re:Frame Collective, Vancouver and Toronto

Jennifer + Cameron from Cloud Nine Creative on Vimeo.

Besides the excellent work that his company puts out, Bruce is one of the few people in this industry that you can ask about his business and he will tell you the truth and not worry about giving away his trade secrets. He truly believes that if we can all do better work, this industry will grow and prosper.—Kenneth Stillman, Kenneth Stillman Video


Raphael Pranga, Mayad Studios, The Philippines

gelli trailer from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

"Out-of-this-world wedding videography. Their concepts and editing style make them unique."—Ken Banares, Vertical Video


Chris & Laura Randall, Edit 1 Media, Tacoma, Washington

Allison & James - Super 8 from Edit 1 Media on Vimeo.

"Overall continued excellence in event video production. Leadership specifically in the area of Same Day Edit."—Troy Murison, Dubs Inc


Joshua Smith, CinematicBride and Loktah.com, Monroe, Louisiana

I think there are actually five Joshes: One for each of the businesses he starts. Amazing cinematography and a keen business sense all wrapped up in a "kid" who only recently became old enough to drink legally.—Ron Dawson, Dare Dreamer Media


Kristen Turick, Artifact Documentaries, West Orange, New Jersey

Debbie and Bill's Opening Sequence from Artifact Documentaries on Vimeo.

"A master storyteller in the raw... Kristen is the Documentary Diva!"—Sharrone Calafiore, Fiore Films


Susanto Widjaja, Paper Cranes Productions, Sydney, Australia

Pat & Ley Cinematic Prewedding Film "Bubble Tea" from Paper Cranes Productions on Vimeo.

"Paper Cranes have arrived in the the market as the fresh new face in 2009, but have proven with their concept films and wedding films they are truly artists, I nominate Parer Cranes as Australia's best wedding filmmaker."—Peter Szilvester, Living Lens


Dave Williams, CinemaCake Filmmakers, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Honestly, one of the best shooters and editors in the industry. He is amazing with the 5D Mark II and Glidecam."—Laura Randall, Edit 1 Media


Jeff & Andee Wright, Blue Skies Cinema, Corona, California

Blue Skies Cinema from Jeff Wright on Vimeo.

"Always progressive, innovative and and positive, the Wrights have great knowledge base and a gift for teaching. They have a great attitude about the industry and people in general."—Jan-Arden Petersen, Artistic Video Productions


Steve Zugelter, Studio+Z Films, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Steve dreams big and executes even bigger! From presenting at WEVA, to creating a concept film, to growing his business, Steve shows us the power of aiming high."—Chris P. Jones, Mason Jar Films


Congratulations to one and all!—Stephen Nathans-Kelly

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