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Stardom is Proud to Announce the GearRAID GR7650-4S-WBS2
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RAIDON is proud to announce the GearRAID GR7650-4S-WBS2, a 1U, RAID 5 rack-mountable storage solution. Featuring the latest triple interfaces including 2 high speed FireWire 800 ports, USB 2.0 and eSATA with port multiplication.

This product allows users more flexibility and throughput than traditional FireWire 800 and 400 devices. The GearRAID GR7650-4S-WBS2 is hot-pluggable and is immediately recognized by Mac® OSX and Windows® OS without software. With its quadruple interface, eSATA, FireWire 800, and USB 2.0 connections, the GearRAID GR7650-4S-WBS2 has the flexibility to work with virtually any Mac or PC.

The GearRAID GR7650-4S-WBS2 features a unique and sophisticated RAID 5 engine, delivering digital data to multiple discs simultaneously and efficiently with optimal performance. When using the latest high capacity 2TB drives, the GearRAID allows for up to 6TB of usable storage in RAID 5 in a 4 bay 1U form-factor. The GearRAID provides throughputs of up to 220 MB/s, accommodating the most performance-intensive application such as digital images, pre-press and post-production projects. In the event of hard drive failure, the GearRAID can automatically switch operations to the remaining drives and alert the user via its hardware system status indicator and built-in audio alarm. The GearRAID is capable of acting as a RAID 5 boot drive via FireWire and USB 2.0 connection. It provides complete fault-tolerance and is resistant to a single drive failure. This bootable function enables a secondary boot drive that can be used on another remote workstation if necessary.

The GearRAID also provides the most advanced method for users to hot-swap drives from the RAID array without shutting down the computer. To replace a defective hard drive, the user simply pulls out the drive module and inserts a new one. There is no down-time during the repair and rebuild process. The operator is still able to use the GearRAID while it is rebuilding in the background.

GearRAID Features:

* Triple interface e-SATA / FireWire 800 (2 ports) / USB 2.0
* RAID 5 integrated controller
* Hot Swappable Tray Modules
* Hassle free drive installation and removal
* Alarm buzzer should a fan, hard drive or power supply fail
* 4cm Ball Bearing quiet Fan x 3
* 1U form factor for rack-mounting
* LED Drive & System Status indication

The GearRAID GR7650-4S-WBS2 is now shipping through a network of dealers worldwide.
The suggested MSRP is $480.00

RAIDON/Stardom was established in year 2000; as a manufacturer of Single Drive & RAID solutions for content creation. RAIDON/Stardom's focus is in SOHO Level RAID Storage development to provide a complete data storage backup solution for small business firms and SOHO groups. RAIDON/Stardom produces a quality line of solutions for a variety of needs either PC or MAC OS platforms, we enable Video, Motion Effects Artists, Photographers, Musicians, and Graphic Designers. Our solutions are sold unpopulated making for a product range that is truly affordable.


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