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Phonic Food Announces Phonic Food Volume Two
Posted Sep 17, 2008 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Phonic Food Volume Two is a new breed of royalty free music library that has just been released on the production scene and it has one major difference, it has been crafted by the hands of writers who normally work for industry giants such as Universal Music, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Pathe, Disney, BBC, Westar, Beatbox, and the list goes on. Combining some of the broadcast industry’s unsurpassed writers and the royalty free music world, the guys behind Phonic Food explain, "We are tired of royalty free music having the reputation for being sub standard. Smaller companies should have access to high calibre broadcast quality music, without having to break the bank by paying for license fees and performance royalties; our aim is to launch royalty free music into a new era."

Phonic Food 2 certainly lives up to the hype, upon opening you are granted with a data DVD containing over 6 hours of broadcast quality production music. All the songs are neatly divided into themed sections for ease of navigation. Each file exists as a pristine 16 bit wav, and the tracks have 15 and 30 seconds edits where sensible. All you have to do is drag the files into a project with no messing around.

An impressive range of styles are contained on the DVD, laid back beats and serene atmospheres to funk and assorted slick grooves, fast paced dance and breaks to cool jazz and intense rock. There’s no doubt that in this mass of music you will always find something to enhance your productions.

Joe at Phonic Food explains, "We are genuinely committed to the highest standards in music production and our royalty free range reflects this. In the corporate sector we've undertaken projects for a number of large clients including Price Waterhouse Coopers and KPMG. Our compositions have been played on all the major UK networks as well as abroad so we can hopefully vouchsafe for the quality of the music itself."

Phonic Food 2 is a pinch at £199, little more than a single piece of production/library music, but even better news is that they have just started offering Phonic Food Volume 1 together with Volume 2 for £299. That is over 12 hours of music, it is clear that Phonic Food is a different kind of beast to other music libraries.

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