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The New LevelcamQ Video Camera Stabilizer with Quick Release System
Posted Aug 9, 2008 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Professional Levelcam Videographers requested a quick release system, and Baughan Productions has responded with the new LevelcamQ. The LevelcamQ uses a sturdy, all aluminum quick release system that works with hand held style video cameras, tripods and its big brother, Levelpod.

"Incorporating a quick release system with Levelcam required that we find a stronger and lighter platform for the new LevelcamQ. We choose an incredible material called "plyboo" that met all of our criterea and more. The resulting LevelcamQ has a rich and natural look with a triple layered bamboo laminate that is stronger than oak hardwood. LevelcamQ weighs in at only 13-1/2 ounces." said Tim Nixon, owner of Baughan Productions, Inc. and inventor of Levelcam and Levelpod.

"The new LevelcamQ is more rigid than the original Levelcam with minimal flex for use with heavy video cameras like the Sony Z7U, EX1, EX3 and Z1U; the Panasonic HVX-200A, HPX-170, and HMC-150; and the Canon XH-G1, and XH-A1. It's also ideal for any hand held style HD or SD video camera with a standard tripod mount."

LevelcamQ is designed to stabilize handheld shots through leverage, attaches to a tripod and connects directly to Levelpod for perfect balance, completing a total support system.

The new LevelcamQ is available now at only $79.95. It is included in the LevelpodQ package for the same price as the original Levelpod at $399.95 complete. The original Levelcam is $49.95 and the original Levelpod package price has been lowered to $369.95. Existing Levelcam and LevelcamQ owners can upgrade anytime to Levelpod for a new lower price of $320.00 USD. Quick release adapters are available for existing tripods for only $29.95.

Available now exclusively at www.levelcam.com.

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