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Sony Announces New Memory Card For Professional Camcorders
Posted Sep 18, 2007 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Sony is announcing the new SxS PROTM memory card designed for professional videographers. The new card, available in 8 GB (model SBP-8) and 16 GB (model SBP-16) capacities, is designed to offer extremely fast transfer speeds and is compliant with the ExpressCard™ industry standard. Sony will adopt the high-speed SxS PRO card in its XDCAM EX™ series professional camcorders, which are planned to be launched this fall.

The SxS PRO card is based on the "SxS memory card specification," which enables high-speed data transfer. The SxS PRO card offers a more efficient workflow by reducing transfer times of large data files such as high-definition video with speeds of 800 Mbps. The card's compact size is ideally suited to the lighter and smaller camcorders needed for mobile videography, and gives users more opportunities to shoot in a wider range of conditions.

The SxS PRO card complies with the ExpressCard™ industry standard, which has been rapidly adopted by PC manufacturers to replace the PC Card™ form factor. The SxS PRO card is the first PCI Express™ solid-state storage media, and the maximum data transfer speed of PCI Express™ is about twice as fast as that of the current PC Card™ interface.

By connecting directly to computer systems and hardware through this high-speed PCI-ExpressTM bus and with the optimized technology protocol for controlling communication between hardware and the card, the SxS PRO card realizes its high-speed data transfer at 800 Mbps.

The SxSPRO card adopts ExpressCard/34 modules (width: 34mm, height: 5mm, length: 75mm), half the size of PC Cards™. This enables the design of professional camcorders that are smaller and lighter, while still offering high storage capacities. Despite its compact size, the 16 GB SxS PROcard is capable of recording approximately one hour when used with Sony's new XDCAM EX camcorder.

The new cards will be available in November, priced at about $500 for the 8 GB3 SBP-8 model and about $900 for the 16 GB3 SBP-16 model.


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