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Zacuto Announces New Zamerican Articulating Arm for Mounting Accessories to Cameras
Posted Jun 19, 2007 Print Version     Page 1of 1

The Zacuto Zamerican is an articulating arm that works on all video cameras providing and easy way to mount accessories like monitors and hard drives. The Zamerican Large (ZARM-L) with Z-Release, Zacuto's large articulating arm is 22% lighter then the Israeli large arm. It is built with Zacuto Z-Release ZUDS on both ends of the arm giving you built-in quick-release action using Zacuto's new Z-lock technology. No more screwing and unscrewing arms and monitors, just Z-release it, flip a lever and it quick-releases off.

If you want your Zamerican arm to reach longer, screw a Zacuto rod extension on either end of the arm and your arm just became longer. The Zamerican small arm (ZARM-S), with Z-Release, Zacuto's small articulating arm is 30% lighter then the Zamerican Large arm and is ironically stronger and made for heavy 8 pound (3.6kg) monitor loads.

"Z-Release is like having an erector set, or Zerector set if you are Zacutoized", says Steve Weiss, head of marketing at Zacuto. "It's completely new and completely different and you'll wonder why it hasn't been done years ago. It's already becoming the new standard and you'll see why. Instead of the usual 1/4 20 and 3/8 16" screws on either end of the arm, Zacuto uses standard 15mm rods on both ends of the arm. These rods slip into a whole line of Z-Release products that allow you to attach your arm to a Panavision rod, 19mm rod, 15mm rod, C-Stand, gatergrips, mafers, cameras and more with quick-release.

"We have created the first small arm that is stronger than a large arm," says Jens Bogehegn, head of operations at Zacuto. "This little dynamo also nicknamed the zubby is a must have, can hold anything and takes up very little space. As with all Z-Release equipment all you need do is flip a red Zacuto lever to release anything."

Zamerican arms are so strong they can be used to raise cameras above crowds, like in a press conference, as shown here Turn in your Israeli arms and go Zamerican!

"We are so excited about there new Zamerican product line that we are willing to buy your old Israeli articulating arms for $50 (no matter what condition they are in) if you replace it with our new Zamerican articulating arm," stated Zacuto Marketing Director Steve Weiss."

Price is $195-215.


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