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lynda.com Announces Release of Blue and Green Screen Production Principles
Posted Apr 5, 2007 Print Version     Page 1of 1

lynda.com, the leader in self-paced digital media and design training, today introduced Blue and Green Screen Production Principles.

The technology used for compositing blue and green screen has improved to the point where a chroma key matte can be pulled off almost anything. However, the better the original photography and setup, the better the matte extraction and composite will be. Whether the goal is to shoot a blue or green screen for compositing, or just to get familiar with terms and techniques, Blue and Green Screen Production Principles has the information needed. Pete Kuran goes behind the scenes to teach the processes of this popular film technique. Blue and Green Screen Production Principles is an excellent accompaniment to Digital Video Principles in the lynda.com Online Training Library.

"We are known for software training, but our customers also need the principles-based education that makes the software easier to use. Starting with the best possible footage makes it a whole lot easier to work with compositing video using digital tools. This is a great example of how to apply knowledge from the outside world of videography and film to the desktop world of digital editing tools," says Lynda Weinman, CEO of lynda.com.

Anyone with an internet connection can access Blue and Green Screen Production Principles by subscribing to lynda.com's Online Training Library. Blue and Green Screen Production Principles is an online exclusive. Subscriptions to the lynda.com Online Training Library start at $25 per month, and provide access to over 17,600 movie tutorials covering more than 260 technology career tools, software, and techniques. Subscribers can access any of the computer-based training titles at their convenience. Multi-user subscriptions are also available for companies and institutions seeking to provide education and training to groups.

For free online samples of Blue and Green Screen Production Principles and more detailed product information, visit http://movielibrary.lynda.com/html/modPage.asp?ID=392.

For more information on lynda.com products, visit http://www.lynda.com.

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