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New DVD Release from Call Box Teaches Final Cut Pro and DVX100 Tips
Posted Jan 29, 2007 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Call Box, an interactive training company for digital media producers, today announced their new training DVD, 24P Digital Post Production with Final Cut Pro and the DVX100, is available worldwide. Promising to unlock the secrets of 24p production and post-production, Call Box features a wide range of interactive content. Today's announcement marks their debut product.

Created by Apple Certified Pro instructor Noah Kadner, the DVD provides instruction for digital video professionals on both shooting for the edit using Panasonic's DVX100 series of professional video cameras, and editing that content with a focus on Apple's Final Cut Pro software.

The DVD contains more than one and a half hours of original content, and is broken down into learning modules with interactive animations and real-world examples. Topics detailed in the video include advanced pulldown removal; output for 24p DVD; 24pA vs 24p Standard; output for 35mm film; anamorphic 16X9 setup; using Cinema Tools; editing system shopping lists; fixing tape dropouts; easy setups; SDI vs. FireWire capture; DV tape stock recommendations; slate operations; Rec Run vs. Free Run; output for color correction; syncing sound in post and more.

24P Digital Post Production with Final Cut Pro and the DVX100 is available on DVD and is priced at $75 (US). 24P Digital Post Production with Final Cut Pro and the DVX100 can be purchased directly from the company at: http://www.callboxlive.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=28.

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