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Digital Heaven Offers Free Final Cut Plug-ins, BigTime Resizable Floating Timecode Display for FCP
Posted May 26, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Digital Heaven (www.digital-heaven.co.uk) has announced that two of their Final Cut plug-ins are now available as free downloads. The company also announced BigTime, a resizable floating point timecode display for Final Cut Pro.

The DH_Grid A generator displays a grid with up to ten divisions. The horizontal and vertical divisions can be independently set and the grid drawn over either the entire frame or a custom defined area. DH_Guides Displays left, right, top and bottom guides in three different styles. It also offers the useful ability to scale the distance between the guides. DH_Grid and DH_Guides are available for free download today from the Digital Heaven website at www.digital-heaven.co.uk.

The remaining 10 plug-ins including innovative solutions for fixing dead pixels, creating split-screens and subtitles are available for individual purchase for $20 to $40 each from the Digital Heaven online store.

Working in a similar way to the timecode window found on Logic Pro and Avid software, BigTime is the perfect tool for viewing a Final Cut Pro sequence with a client. The large timecode display makes it easy to note relevant timecodes from across the room and the size, position, text color, background color, and frames display are all customisable.

BigTime for Mac OS X requires Final Cut Pro (v5 or later) and is available for immediate purchase from the Digital Heaven online store for US$49. A demo version is also available for download from the Digital Heaven site at www.digital-heaven.co.uk.

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