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Minnesota Professional Videographer's Association Presents High-Definition Video Expo
Posted May 8, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

The Minnesota Professional Videographer's Association (MPVA) has announced a one-day HD video event for the upper midwest production community, Monday, May 22 at the Minnesota School of Business. All video professionals are welcome and admission is free.

Featuring HD demos from Apple, Avid, Canon, Canopus, JVC, Macrosystem, Matrox, Newtek, Panasonic, Sony (Vegas), and local vendors Alpha Video, AV Solutions, Digital Pictures, Z Systems, and others, the event is designed to showcase "the emerging High Definition video technologies rapidly influencing our businesses and professional lives."

The Minnesota School of Business is a co-presenter the event. The event will be hosted on the school's Edina campus on the Broadview Media Soundstage. The event will run from 12:00-9:00pm on May 22. 

The MPVA will have representatives available at the event to discuss the benefits of membership in the MPVA. Meeting updates and other association information is available at the MPVA website, www.mpva.net.

Pleas contact Peter Ellingson, Event Chairman, MPVA, at 962.837.1852 or matrixpete@matrixv.com, for further info about the event.

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