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Digital Film Tools Releases Snap for Photoshop
Posted Feb 5, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Digital Film Tools, the Los Angeles based full-service visual effects facility specializing in feature film and television special effects, has announced the release of Snap for Adobe Photoshop. Snap is an easy-to-use interactive image cut-out tool.

Image cut-out is the process of removing or isolating an object in a picture. Using a coarse-to-fine editing approach, an area of the image is cut-out by first marking the object and then refining the boundary. Object marking occurs at a coarse level, which roughly defines an object by marking a few lines. Next, boundary editing works at a finer scale by either clicking and dragging polygon points to edit the object boundary or drawing a stroke along the object's edge.

The extracted object can then be combined with another image or individually filtered in Adobe Photoshop. The challenge becomes defining which parts of the image are foreground, the portion to be cutout, and those which belong to the background. Snap provides instant visual feedback by snapping an editable curve to an object's boundary even if it has vague or low contrast edges. This is made possible by utilizing unique graph-cutting and segmentation algorithms. More accurate results are achieved in a shorter amount of time than using existing tools and techniques.

Digital Film Tools is an offshoot of a Los Angeles-based full-service visual effects facility specializing in feature film and television special effects. Snap is available for download or purchase at: www.digitalfilmtools.com for $50.

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