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TEAC Launches New Line of 10-Disc DVD Duplicators
Posted Sep 19, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

TEAC has announced a new line of 10-disc DVD duplicators. The new 1:10 units are stand-alone disc-to-disc DVD duplication systems requiring no PC connection. TEAC's 1x10 DVDR Tower Duplicators support DVD recording at 16X speeds. They combine feature-rich controller technology with easy to use controls and stable design and quality and reliability, according to TEAC.

TEAC offers a complete line of duplicators, from 1x1 to 1x3, 1x7 and 1x10 duplicators. TEAC also offers high-quality dye-sublimation printers including the TEAC P55 Printer, and the P11 One-color Dye-Sublimation Personal Printer for home and office use.

TEAC also offers a complete line of Auto-Loaders and Auto-Publishers. TEAC's line of Duplicators, 1x1 CDR Duplicator (CDW/D11A/KIT), 1x3 CDR Duplicator without HDD (CDW/D13A/KIT), 1x3 CDR Duplicator with 80GB HDD (CDW/D13A/KIT/H), 1x7 CDR Duplicator without HDD (CDW/D17A/KIT), 1x7 CDR Duplicator with 80GB HDD (CDW/D17A/KIT/H), 1x1 DVDR Duplicator without HDD (DVW/D11A/KIT), 1x1 DVDR Duplicator with 80GB HDD (DVW/D11A/KIT/H), 1x3 DVDR Duplicator with 160GB HDD (DVW/D13A/KIT/H), 1x7 DVDR Duplicator with 160GB HDD (DVW/D17A/KIT/H) and 1x10 DVDR Duplicator with 160GB HDD (DVW/D110A/KIT/H) are all available through TEAC's Distribution Partners.

For more information about these products, see TEAC's Web site at http://www.TEAC.com/DSPD.

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