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Red Giant Software Releases Primatte Keyer 3 and Key Correct Pro
Posted Aug 4, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Red Giant Software, publisher of a line of professional desktop tools including Magic Bullet, has announced the availability of Primatte Keyer 3 and Key Correct Pro. Primatte Keyer's enhanced versatility adds increased functionality to the production pipeline of independent filmmakers and visual effects artists, according to Red Giant. Key Correct Pro is a set of 15 tools to help motion graphic and visual effects artists achieve more realistic composites.

Primatte Keyer, published under exclusive agreement with Photron USA, designed for use with After Effects, Discreet combustion, and Avid AVX, enables artists to extract keys from any color background for compositing, Red Giant reports. The software is intented to overcome matte extraction challenges including uneven lighting, subtle shadows, and edge light contamination (spill) prior to compositing. New features include the following:

  • New Deartifacting input correction for all formats including DV and HDV
  • New library and accuracy inline with other Primatte versions for Discreet, Shake, etc.
  • An updated UI and new split screen View modes for more efficient keying
  • Alpha channel adjustment integrated into the keyer
  • Integrated secondary spill removal, simple and accurate Color Matching, and Light wrap built in to the keying interface

Key Correct Pro is a set of 15 plug-ins designed to help AE users create better composites with built-in keying tools. The plug-ins can be in used in combination with any keyer to better enhance the final result. Features include the following:

  • Accurate matte feather tools
  • Color Matching plug-in with automatic matching and color balance adjustment
  • Alpha cleaner plug-in for fixing noise and filing holes in mattes
  • Complete support for 8 and 16 bit operations for all plug-ins

Pricing for Primatte Keyer 3 for Adobe After Effects is $695 Updates to Discreet combustion and Avid AVX versions will be available in Q4 2005. Key Correct Pro has an MSRP of $395. Composite Wizard customers can upgrade to Key Correct Pro for $149 USD.


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