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Reelhouse Announces FilmBacks Giveaway
Posted Jul 8, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Reelhouse, a royalty-free footage and video FX producer, has announced the free giveaway of one of its video libraries as part of a July Special. Priced normally at only $399, the Filmback FX library contains over 200 seamless film FX animations built for Video/DVD Editors. This month only, the Filmback FX (normally only $399) is free with any Reelhouse library or bundle purchase and available at http://reelhouse.com.

Complete with scratches, flickers, and true imperfections, the Filmback FX library was built from real film sources and is designed for video transitions, titles, and backgrounds. Reelhouse products are designed to easily be dropped directly into any Video or DVD timeline to enhance your own footage or alone for backgrounds, transitions, masks, and effects, according to Reelhouse. The Reelhouse team offers free overnight shipping.


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