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BOXX Unveils the Ultimate “Swag Bag” Promotion Beginning April 12, 2005
Posted Apr 8, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

BOXX Technologies, a workstation company, has partnered with Adobe, Alias , ATI, CGNetworks, The D.A.V.E. School, Kurv Studios, Luxology, Newtek, NVIDIA, PNY, Softimage, Stash! DVD Magazine, 3Dconnexion, 3D Garage, 3DTotal and 12-Inch Design to create the Ultimate Swag Bag promotion, designed to fuel creativity and amplify digital workflow.

Everyone who orders a BOXX workstation online April 12-22 will receive a personalized Swag Bag from BOXX partners filled with tools and technology to energize creativity and ignite the imagination. Every Bag is unique, but all are overflowing with tools that promise to set creativity in motion, according to BOXX. The bags will include anything from graphics cards, flash memory, and Space Travelers to 3D modeling and animation software, textures and motion libraries, training DVDs, and books from supporting partners. BOXX is in the mix too, offering a workstation of its own to be featured in one of the Swag Bags.

Each Bag will have hundreds (and in some cases thousands) of dollars in merchandise. Additionally, during the Ultimate Swag Bag promotion, BOXX will offer special pricing on select systems at the www.boxxtech.com Web site.

The Ultimate Swag Bag Partners:

Get the Swag! The Ultimate Swag Bag offer begins April 12, 2005 and ends April 22, 2005, and is only available on the BOXX Web site (www.boxxtech.com).

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