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Digital Heaven announces Multicam Lite
Posted Jan 27, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Digital Heaven has announced Multicam Lite, the "first ever" multi-camera editing solution for Apple's Final Cut Pro. Multicam Lite is a standalone application which works in conjunction with Final Cut Pro (v4.1 and later) for the input and output of sequences via XML files. DV, DVCPRO25, or OfflineRT source clips can be directly used by the software and there are comprehensive trimming and camera-switching features built in. When the cut is finished, the XML file is imported back into FCP where all the cuts are automatically recreated ready for further effects work or output.

Multicam Lite is currently in beta and is expected to be shipping in December. The software will be available for download purchase from Digital Heaven's online store for $295.

Digital Heaven has also announced that a higher-end product called Multicam Pro is currently in development. Multicam Pro will be able to use up to 20 cameras and has additional features to cater to more demanding multicamera projects. Multicam Pro is expected to be shipping in Q1 2005.


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