Flanders Scientific Inc (FSI) Launches New 17" Field Monitor
Posted May 31, 2011

Flanders Scientific, Inc. is pleased to announce the official launch of the new LM-1760WF Field Unit. This lightweight 17" Monitor is a modified version of the LM-1760W designed specifically for field use. The standard LM-1760W is a 24VDC unit, but the LM-1760WF supports 12VDC directly without the need for an external 12V to 24V DC adapter making it the ideal choice for applications requiring efficient battery powered monitoring.

The unit is also equipped with a standard AC power connection (100~240VAC) for hassle free use on AC power when available.

In addition to 12VDC power connectivity the LM-1760WF also comes packaged for field use with the following items at no additional charge:
  • Carrying Bag with Integrated Hood (CBH17): 1760WFCan be used in both a desktop or light stand configuration for maximum versatility on set. Moreover, the combined weight of the monitor and carrying bag is only 17.5lbs...that is about the same weight as many 17" production monitors by themselves. Made of durable cordura and ballistic nylon the interior of the bag helps protect the monitor with foam padding and a single piece honeycomb frame. The built in 4 sided hood assists in providing shade for viewing and the adjustable back leg can be adjusted for optimal tilt or lifted to allow the monitor to be mounted on a light stand while leaving the bag attached for protection and shade.
  • 2 x Clear Protective Covers (CPC17): These clear protective panel covers can be attached to the front of the monitor via simple hook and loop fastener strips. These covers help protect the LCD panel from objects that may otherwise cause damage or bruising to the LCD panel. The clear protective covers are made of high quality optical grade acrylic that is scratch resistant and two panel covers are provided so you always have a spare panel cover ready in case one becomes damaged.
  • VESA to Light Stand Adapter: This durable VESA to 5/8" spigot light stand adapter provides for quick and easy mounting on a light stand. The VESA adapter is lightweight but extremely strong and features two pivot points for maximum adjustability. Best of all this adapter can be left attached even when not in use as it folds inside of the carrying bag, which means no tools are required to quickly transition from transport, to desktop, to light stand configurations.

You get the monitor and all of the above accessories for just $2,795

A truly incredible value for a versatile field monitor that comes with all of the advanced scope modes and ancillary features you expect from an FSI monitor. Learn more here: http://www.shopfsi.com/FSI_17_12VDC_Field_Unit_p/lm-1760wf.htm

New Battery Power Options for the LM-2461W
LM-2461W monitors can now be ordered with an AB or V-Mount Battery Plate

The 24" LM-2461W continues to be widely adopted at post facilities around the world, but an increasing number of operators are finding that the LM-2461W is also an ideal on set / field use monitor. At just 15.8lbs (without stand, 19.8lbs with stand), 50 Watts Power Consumption (@120cd/m2), and featuring a durable diecast aluminum frame the LM-2461W is one of the lightest full featured color critical 24" monitor solutions available on the market.

The LM-2461W comes equipped with both AC and 24VDC power connections, but now FSI is also offering two battery plate options for the LM-2461W. Customers purchasing an LM-2461W will be able to order an optional AB or V-Mount battery plate, which will be installed directly onto the chassis. Additionally, when ordered with one of these battery plates your LM-2461W will be converted from a 24VDC to a 12VDC unit so no external voltage adapters are required to power your monitor from standard 12V (11~14.4V) batteries.

10amp rated batteries are recommended for applications requiring high luminance output (170~350cd/m2) from the monitor, but even standard 6amp rated batteries are more than sufficient for operating the monitor at default settings. In its default configuration the LM-2461W only draws around 50Watts of power, easily making this 24" monitor as efficient as many 17" production monitors on the market. Learn more here: http://www.shopfsi.com/FSI_10bit_24_Inch_HD_Broadcast_Monitor_p/lm-2461w.htm