VITEC Simplifies Pro H.264 Acquisition Workflow with Focus FS-H Pro Proxy Recorders
Posted May 2, 2011

VITEC Multimedia, a worldwide leader in advanced digital video solutions, today announced an addition to the Focus product family, the FS-H50, FS-H60 and FS-H70 Proxy Recorders. The Focus FS-H series of proxy recorders greatly simplify the acquisition workflow by recording matching or continuous, lower bit rate H.264 proxy content to complement the cameras own high-resolution content.

The proxy content can more easily be transferred to portable devices such as smart phones and tablet PCs for quick viewing, uploaded to a network or online video platform (OVP) for sharing and collaboration or for offline editing on an NLE system. The Focus FS-H proxy recorders record to a removable SDHC card and are available in three models; the Focus FS-H50 with a composite and analog audio input, the Focus FS-H60 with an HDMI input and the Focus FS-H70 with an HD/SD-SDI input.

“As acquisition bit rates continue to increase, it becomes more difficult and time consuming to quickly transfer or preview content for sharing, collaboration, review, etc.,” said Matt McEwen, senior product manager, broadcast products for VITEC Multimedia’s Focus product line. “Our new line of Focus FS-H Proxy Recorder series solves this issue by recording useful companion proxy clips for fast transfer and instant compatibility with many devices.”

Ultra-portable for on camera use and battery powered, the Focus FS-H Proxy Recorder series features user-selectable bit rates and resolutions and records wrapped and structured content suitable for many different uses. Once a recording is complete, the SDHC card facilitates easy transfer to a computer or portable device (Smartphone, tablet PC, portable gaming system, etc.) for easy preview or network ingest.

Highlights of the Focus FS-H Proxy Recorder series:
  • Ultra long H.264 recording times –hundreds of hours on a single 32GB SDHC card
  • Support for popular portable devices, online video platforms, portable gaming systems, etc.
  • Ultra-portable design with removable and rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Mounts to any device using the included camera mount cradle
  • Fast USB 2.0 interface to Mac or Windows based systems
  • User-definable format wrapper support and bit rates from 100kbps – 5Mbps
  • LCD and front panel buttons for system control and menu navigation


The Focus FS-H60 is expected to ship in summer, 2011 through the Vitec worldwide dealer and distributor network. Pricing is to be announced shortly.