The Sachtler 75mm Range From Small to Large
Posted Apr 25, 2011

Sachtler, a Vitec Group brand, presents the FSB family, that consists of the FSB 4 (0 – 9 lbs / 0 to 4 kg), FSB 6 (2 – 13 lbs / 1 to 6 kg) and FSB 8 ( 2 – 20 lbs / 1 to 9 kg) 75mm heads. The finely-tiered product line provides a suitable head – robust, stable and reliable – for every HDV camera, as well as for DSLR cameras with video function.

All FSB heads work with the tried and tested Sachtler Speedbalance technology that enables a fast and target-oriented counterbalance. Based on the construction principles of other classic Sachtler heads, the FSB line offers no-compromise vibration damping which is extremely subtle and finely graded in comparison to other manufacturers in the same payload range.

FSB 0 – 9 lbs / 4: 0 to 4 kg payload range
The FSB 4 fluid head is the smallest of the FSB line with a payload range of 0 – 9 lbs / 0 to 4 kg and is ideal for HDV camera users. Three horizontal and three vertical grades of drag as well as a dependable 5-step counterbalance system guarantees the camera operator optimal handling. The FSB 4 has an integrated flat-based fitting and fits tripods with 75mm bowls.

FSB 6: 2 – 13 lbs / 1 to 6 kg payload range
The exceptionally long sliding range (4.7“ / 120 mm) of the Sachtler Snap & Go sideload mechanism and the 10-step counterbalance, give the FSB 6 fluid head a special edge. Thus, quick and smooth counterbalance is also possible with a payload range of (2 – 13 lbs. / 1 to 6 kg). The FSB 6 is ideal for using cameras that are equipped with accessories and is also alternatively offered with the Touch & Go camera plate. In addition, it has three horizontal and three vertical grades of drag plus 0.

FSB 8: 2 – 20 lbs / 1 to 9 kg
With a payload range of 2 – 20 lbs / 1 to 9 kg, the FSB 8 fluid head is versatile. It has a 10-step counterbalance as well as five horizontal and vertical grades of drag, plus 0. It works with the tried and tested Sachtler features, like Speedbalance and the self-illuminating Touch Bubble. The sideload technology, that extends the sliding range of the camera, is also practical. As with the FSB 6, the head is alternatively offered with the Touch & Go Plate. The FSB 6 T and FSB 8 T have parking positions for spare camera screws.

Team player: works with SOOM
Together with the SOOM multifunctional tripod system that can be used for lens height ranges of up to 98.4 / 250 cm, the FSB line is a strong team for every position. The fluid heads function as a modular system with the FSB CELL, a 7.2 V rechargeable camera battery that is directly placed between the camera and the fluid head. With a high capacity of 10.5 Ah, the FSB CELL not only provides carefree shooting, but also extends the sliding range of the camera-setup. The energy-saving, compact, and dimmable Reporter LED camera light can be powered directly by the FSB CELL.

Secure position: 75mm Tripod and Pedestal C I
In addition to SOOM, Sachtler offers three other tripods in the 75mm range that offer impressive stability and versatility: the lightweight Speed Lock 75 CF with quick release clamp as well as the ENG 75/2 D with two-fold extension and the DA 75 L, both with rotary clamp. Sachtler's Pedestal C I can be used in small studios and for outside broadcasting. It can be set up quickly without tools and guarantees vibration-free 'on air' movement with its smooth-running lifting column.

Accessories: adapter for FSB 6 and FSB 8
The FSB 6/8 adapter block is available for the FSB 6, FSB 6 T, FSB 8 and FSB 8 T. For mounting additional accessories, there is also the Sachtler accessory adapter with 1/4"-, M8- and 3/8 tap holes. It can be used with fluid heads that have a viewfinder extension and an adapter block. The accessory adapter with clamping can be used to expand viewfinder extension.

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