Presenting the EventDV 25 'Rising Stars of 2010'
Posted Mar 10, 2011

In March 2010, following the announcement of the EventDV 25, we announced a group of 25 finalists, which were essentially numbers 26-50, the filmmakers and studios with the 25 highest vote totals after the top 25. This year we decided to approach it a little differently, and following the 2010 EventDV 25 Awards Shows that premiered last week, recognizing our current crop of industry all-stars, we've prepared a list of EventDV 25 Rising Stars, celebrating studios that narrowly missed the EventDV 25 in the voting this year, and have either never made the list before, but have made it once and are young and fresh and rising fast in the industry and sure to find themselves on the list in the future. In keeping with the old baseball theme of the EventDV 25, I thought we'd field a team of 9, enough to cover all the positions on a baseball diamond. So, without further ado, I present the EventDV 25 Rising Stars of 2010.

Daniel Cartwright, No Limit Pictures, Sydney, Australia

Daniel is one of the freshest, hottest and most talented filmmakers our community has seen. He understands light a lot better than many who have been at the top for a long time. It won't be long before this star from down under takes over the other continents!—Konrad Czystowski, FreshSox


Travis Cossel, Serendipity Studios, Miami, Fla.

Travis is a hard-working filmmaker who continues to invest in his business and the industry as a whole. His films are beautiful.—Kelly Mercer, Blue Canister


Dave Cowling, D'nM Wedding Films, Sydney, Australia

Dave Cowling has proved to be a person of character that has forged the motto of "collaboration not competition". He has been active in encouraging our local producers to excel and become better. He has succeeded in winning awards in our AVPA awards which is a credit to his hard work and dedication.—Rochelle Morris, Sauvignon Media Creations


Abraham Joffe, Untitled Film Works, Sydney, Australia

This year Abraham has really put himself and his team on the map. They were the first studio to shoot a 3D wedding in Australia on the new Panasonic 3D cameras, plus this year saw Abe's presenting debut at Exposed Down Under. His work is simply the best in Australia (and up there with the world's best).—Dave Cowling, DnM Productions


Jet and Danielle Kaiser, Jet Kaiser Films, Greencastle, Indiana

Jet and Dani are the next Von Lankens. A beautiful couple that makes beautiful wedding films and Jet's back-to-basics tutorials on the IN[FOCUS} blog have made life for those transitioning to DSLR shooting a lot easier.—Loyd Calomay, Loyd Calomay Films


Joey Mathews and Aaron Tharpe. 31 Films, Houston, Texas

Texas is big enough for a bunch of awesome filmmakers. These guys are towards the top. Taking nothing away from their wedding films, they had (to my knowledge) their first workshop this year.—Brian Mercer, Blue Canister


Rochelle Morris, Sauvignon Media Creations, Melbourne, Australia

Rochelle is a true leader in Australian filmmaking with co-founding Exposed Down Under. She is truly passionate about furthering women in the filmmaking industry and has down so much to support POSH.—Reagan Zugelter, Studio Z Films and POSH


Casey Warren, MIND|Castle Studios, Seattle, Washington

Casey's gift of precision, art, and excellence is unmatched. He is probably the most underrated filmmaker in our industry due to his modest personality. His approach to filmmaking has helped others see that there is a benefit to pre-production.—Ryan Koral, Epic Motion


Susanto Widjaja, Paper Cranes Productions, Sydney, Australia

Santo is not only amazingly talented, but he's one of the nicest, most humble guys you'll ever meet. Already doing amazing work, but destined for much more greatness!—Dave Cowling, D'nM Productions


Congratulations to one and all!Stephen Nathans-Kelly