Boinx Software Announces iStopMotion for the Mac App Store
Posted Jan 7, 2011

Boinx Software today announces the availability of iStopMotion, the company's popular stop motion animation application, at the Mac App Store. iStopMotion, which allows users to tell their stories in movies using traditional animation techniques, is available in Home, Express and Pro versions for $49.99 US, $99.99 US and $499.99 US respectively, localized in English and German.

"We are thrilled to have iStopMotion be a featured app at the new Mac App Store," said Oliver Breidenbach, CEO, Boinx Software. "iStopMotion is the perfect app for anyone, from children to adults, looking to expand their imagination and tell a story without the need for actors or a huge set. The ease of use that allows people to be creative literally by pressing a single button resonates well with the purchase and download experience at the new Mac App Store. This new platform makes it easier than ever for consumers to fully take advantage of the creativity that comes from Mac software, and we are honored to be a part of it."

iStopMotion allows you to create your own movie using traditional stop motion animation (also sometimes called claymation). Without the need for a script, talented actors, a crew or a huge stage, making movies with iStopMotion is fun for everyone. All you need are some props, your imagination, a camera, and your Mac to create amazing animations. iStopMotion is so easy to use that even children can enjoy animating, but the animation tools are also so powerful that ad agencies and music video producers use it as well. Tools such as onion skinning and blinking help you to quickly animate with precision and allow you to easily spot when you accidentally moved the camera or forgot to move a piece of scenery. With the immediate access to the frames, such mistakes are easily corrected. Using a green screen set, you can easily transport your characters into fictitious scenes. A tilt shift filter allows you to make a time-lapse movie where real life people look like miniature toys and rounds out the creative arsenal of iStopMotion. With the ability to play back your animation almost instantly, animating with iStopMotion gives immediate gratification.

iStopMotion Home is now available at the Mac App Store for just $49.99 US. iStopMotion Express and iStopMotion Pro can also be purchased at the Mac App Store for $99.99 US and $499.99 US respectively.