DSC Labs Perfects Test Transparencies With The Ambi Illuminator
Posted Dec 9, 2010

DSC Labs, a developer of innovative products for image quality improvement, has announced their "best kept secret" - the Ambi Illuminator. Complementing DSC Labs' world-renowned camera calibration charts, the Ambi provides camera manufacturers, broadcast engineers and quality control analysts with a versatile illuminator designed for exceptional light evenness.

Customizable under all shooting conditions, the Ambi's externally mounted light source provides precise illumination.

Barry Russo, Camera Systems Engineer for Panasonic Solutions Company, highly recommends the Ambi Illuminator. "Panasonic cameras are known for their amazing color and DSC Labs provides us with some of the most important tools that we use on a daily basis," Russo said. "The Ambi is extremely portable. It's as easy as 'paint by numbers.' I set up the camera's Color Matrix and Color Correction using the ChromaDuMonde Transparency and a waveform/Vector Scope. There is no guesswork, as I simply put the vectors in their targets on the scope. I then save the camera scene file as DSC28. All of the cameras match amazingly well."

The Ambi's light source is located externally and is typically mounted on the AmbiStand, or on a nearby dedicated light source matching the key light. When the illuminant is directed toward the adjustable mirror on the Ambi's rear side, the light is then transferred through the illuminator's color-balanced diffuser panel to light the test target. The test transparency slips easily in front of the diffuser panel, and can be adjusted with a built-in leveling device.

"The Ambi has been the 'best kept secret' of camera manufacturers and television engineers alike," comments DSC Labs President, David Corley. "Inconsistent lighting produces inconsistent images – the Ambi can eliminate this problem. It dramatically improves the visual quality and consistency of any shoot." Corley adds, "The Ambi's full potential is reached when used with our Combi test charts. The combination helps guarantee perfect shading and calibration throughout any production, time and time again."

Ambi Illuminator Feature Highlights:

Availability and Pricing
The Ambi Illuminator is available through the DSC Labs' Worldwide Reseller Channel, directly from DSC, and online at http://dsclabs-us.intelex.ca/store.php. The complete system price of $3802 includes the Ambi Illuminator, the AmbiStand with Lamp Bracket, and a Quartz Lamp.