Announcing PSD Experience: A Photo/Video/Filmmaking Educational Event for DSLR Pros
Posted Dec 8, 2010

For many years now, as videographer/filmmaker types, we have worked side by side with our photographer brethren, oftentimes looked upon by them as unnecessary and "in the way." We are starting to challenge that mindset with the advent of DSLR technology that affords us image quality and the ability to shoot live events with lighting for the purposes of shaping our composition rather than simply illuminating them. WEVA and IN[FOCUS] are wonderful educational and networking events that are geared toward the art of video and filmmaking. Likewise, the photography world, while pandering to video with a few who have ventured into that discipline, continue to focus on the art of still imagery at the dozens of educational events annually culminating with the two super events of WPPA and WPPI.

A new "crossover" educational event, PSD Experience, is designed to bring DSLR film and photo education under the same roof in the spirit of collaboration and advancing both fields. Scheduled for April 10-12, 2011 in Norfolk, Virginia, PSD Experience ( is a hybrid learning experience combining educational opportunities for both photography and DSLR video/filmmaking. The goal is to offer crossover education and networking opportunities to people in both industries that wish to learn more about the gear they own and the workflows and techniques that will improve their skills and develop their craft, while providing an atmosphere where photographers and videographers/filmmakers can come to appreciate the unique workflows involved and how to better collaborate to provide a superior product to our clients.

PSD stands for "Photograph, Share, and Discover," and those are exactly the opportunities that this event is designed to offer those who attend. There will be many opportunities to get behind the lens of the camera and create amazing images, as well as actual hands-on DSLR video and filmmaking workshops. Sit in with amazing instructors while they share all of the information needed to grow and expand a business. Discover new things about the photo and video/filmmaking industries through an open sharing of information and techniques. PSD Experience is committed to creating a balanced, hands-on educational experience for the professional photographer and DSLR videographer/filmmaker.

In addition to myself and Martin Montgomery from United Wedding, video/filmmaking educators at PSD Experience include John Moon from Northernlight Filmworks, Bill Gaff from Human Story, Andre Costantini (editor of Reverie, the Vince Laforet film that helped launch the 5D Mark II phenomenon), and a Richmond-area DSLR indie filmmaker Victor Nash.

Acclaimed educators on the photo side include David Beckstead, Beth Forester, Scott & Adina Hayne, and others. For more details on the PSD Educational team, visit

It's exciting to see the photography world reaching out to the video/fillmmaking world for direction and understanding. It's equally exciting to see many of the photogs come to a realization that it isn't as easy as they thought to be able to produce and make money at this thing called "video" while being true to your art. And finally, it's a great opportunity to be able to offer education to the photog world from such a talented group of established filmmaker types so as to provide a solid foundation from which to build properly upon. With so many photographers "dabbling" in video, and so many videographers "dabbling" in photography these days, it seems only natural that an event of this nature and size would arrive on the scene.

Scott Strimple (scotts at runs Richmond, Va.-based WEVA CEA Gold-winning event filmmaking studio with his wife, Stephanie.