Blackmagic Design Updates Mini Converter Software with Closed Captioning and Canon 5D Support
Posted Nov 8, 2010

Blackmagic Design Inc. today announced a major new update for its Mini Converter UpDownCross and Mini Converter HDMI to SDI. The new Mini Converter software update includes the addition of closed captioning support and seamless integration into the Canon 5D MKII workflow.

The addition of closed captioning support gives broadcasters the ability to improve consistency and overall quality of closed captioning when performing up, down or cross conversion at 59.94 Hz rates. When used with Mini Converter UpDownCross, broadcasters can be assured that closed captioning information is consistent with output standards. The update supports EIA-608 for SD-SDI and EIA-708 for HD-SDI standards for NTSC and ATSC closed captioning, and is an elegant and affordable solution to broadcasters working in both SD and HD!

Support for Canon 5D workflows was a growing request by broadcasters and post professionals as the use of Canon’s 5D MKII DSLR camera has increased in popularity and the need to monitor media taken with the camera has grown. With the Mini Converter HDMI to SDI, customers have two SDI outputs where signals can be looped out of a single monitor to multiple monitors. Now, cameramen, directors and lighting and audio techs can all have their own monitor instead of crowding around a single camera’s LCD screen or single HDMI monitor!

With the addition of the new features, both broadcast and post professionals can improve SD and HD workflows through Blackmagic’s affordable models of mini converters. Blackmagic now offers nine Mini Converter models, which include the world’s only mini converters with auto SD/HD switching, redundant input, AES/EBU and analog audio on standard 1/4 inch jack connections, combined with advanced 3 Gb/s SDI technology.

The award-winning Mini Converter UpDownCross is the most recently introduced member of the Blackmagic Design Mini Converter family. Mini Converter UpDownCross provides an easy way to convert between SD and HD video formats as it includes a full up, down and cross conversion, as well as full NTSC/PAL standards conversion. Mini Converter UpDownCross works at the highest 10 bit SDI video quality, with superior multi tap image filtering and processing.

"Our Mini Converter models are designed to solve the everyday problems post and broadcast professionals face when building an SDI studio. This software update solves the problems of syncing closed captioning when performing up, down and cross conversions, and dramatically improves the Canon 5D workflow -- two of the main features our customers have been requesting," said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design.