The Reel Deal: I Have an App for That!
Posted Dec 1, 2010

According to a study by ComScore, more than 45.5 million people in the United States owned smartphones in 2010, and it is the fastest growing segment of the mobile phone market, which comprised 234 million subscribers in the United States. Let’s face it—smart phones are fun!

What makes the smart phone fun? Aside from its ability to make a call, surf the internet, check email, watch movies, play music, shoot personal videos and photos, and more—all on the go—the coolest thing is all of the applications (or apps) that you can download. As of October 1, 2010, there are more than 300,000 third-party apps (either paid or free) available in the App store. There have been over 1.5 billion apps downloaded. Apps can be downloaded to an iPhone, iPod touch, or ipad. Other phone carriers have their apps—and probably some similar ones to those that I use—but since I have the iPhone 3G (and can’t wait to upgrade to the iPhone 4), I’m going to talk about apps for the iPhone and how they help me in my business.

As the Public Relations Chairperson for WEVA International, I have traveled quite a bit presenting “The Power of Video & Social Media” to bridal associations. Because of this, I’ve been asked by several bridal consultants if I could compile a list of apps that would be helpful to consultants and couples as plan their wedding day. I created a list of 50 wedding apps. This is my personal compilation of helpful wedding apps which I put on an Excel sheet (see the online version of this article at My criteria for downloading apps to my iPhone is that they must receive a review of at least three stars (out of five).

This list can be shared with your wedding couples and other wedding professionals that you work with. I am sure many of you are using many of these already, but perhaps not on as smartphone apps, and probably without maximizing their potential to help your business. Here are just a few on my Top 50 Must-have Wedding Apps (click the Next> button at the top of this page or follow this link to see my complete list):

Animoto (free): Create short photo montages on your iPhone and upload them directly to Facebook or email to friends. This could be fun to use at a networking event. Imagine taking photos on your iPhone at the event and within minutes a photo montage is created and posted online.

Facebook (free): Are you one of the 500 million people who have a Facebook account? If not, what are you waiting for? This is a great way to get connected with fellow wedding professionals online. You could take a photo at your event and immediately post to your Facebook account. You may want to create a business fan page and keep things strictly business on that page. There are currently 1.5 million business fan pages on Facebook. I invite you to join my business fan page, “Elegant Films by Kris.”

TweetDeck (free): Twitter is small but mighty. There are 3 million users on Twitter (3.8% of the internet population). You can instantly update your Twitter followers using 140 characters or less. Many companies offer “special offers” to their Twitter followers.

Shazam (free): You can now easily identify a song that you hear in the movies, on the radio, on television, etc. with just the tap of a button.

YouTube (free): This app is automatically included on all iPhones. YouTube is the third most popular website on the internet (Google and Facebook are first and second, respectively). Make sure your videos are on YouTube because that’s where your potential clients are watching videos. Two billion videos are watched daily!

AccuWeather (free): Get weather updates and see the radar map. This app is especially important when dealing with an outdoor wedding as it can tell you if a storm is approaching.

Sunrise/Sunset Lite (free): Allows you to select a date and location to find the sunrise and sunset. This is helpful when planning an outdoor ceremony or if you want to schedule a morning or evening video shoot.

MileBug Lite (free): Allows you to keep track of business miles which are tax-deductible. You can always upgrade to their “paid” version to keep track of more information.

Red Laser (free): Allows you to scan barcodes and compare prices when shopping. You just take a photo (using your iPhone) of the UPC and a list is created showing stores and the prices.

Toasts Master (.99): Did the best man or maid of honor leave their speech behind? This app has over 400 toasts, 200 famous quotes, and 101 proverbs in 24 categories. Never be left speechless again. (free): This is a great app for officiants. Browse sermons by event: weddings, funerals, etc. Browse churches by name, location, and denomination.

Wedding Timeline (free): Displays a timeline of your wedding day so all vendors can be on the same page.

Ask Dave Ramsey (free): A financial app from personal finance guru Dave Ramsey. Dave gives you advice to help you stay on track with your budget. Let’s face it, with all the cool video equipment out there, one could quickly go over budget, and what better way to keep a reality check close at hand than on the smartphone you carry everywhere.

iHandy Tool (free): Before placing a wedding cake or ice sculpture on a table, you can check to make sure the table is level by using the surface level.

To find these apps and more, just go to on your computer or click on the AppShopper icon that comes with your iPhone (or related device). I’m always looking for new apps, so please email me your favorites. Now, if only someone would invent an app that would get rid of my backlog!

Go directly to Kris's Top 50 iPhone/iPad apps for wedding vendors

Kris Malandruccolo (kris at, an EventDV 25 honoree and WEVA Hall of Fame inductee, is the owner of Chicago-based Elegant Films by Kris and Elegant Storybooks by Kris. She is a Master Wedding Vendor through the Association of Bridal Consultants, WEVA Public Relations Chair, and an international speaker on The Power of Video.

Kris's Top 50 Apps for Wedding Vendors: (free): "Browse sermons by event: weddings, funerals, etc.  Browse churches by name, location, denomination."   

Animoto (free):
Create short photo montages on your iphone and upload to Facebook or email to friends   

AroundMe (free)
: "Find the nearest anything around you (restaurant, hospital, florist, etc.)"   

Dex Knows (free):
", a local search expert, has developed the ultimate local search tool.  Find businesses or people."   

Weddings 911 by the Knot (free):
This is a great source for advice - You can also post your wedding questions and instantly get answers from other brides-to-be.   

iHandy Tool (free):
"Get 5 professionals tools in the handy carpenter toolkit:  protractor, ruler, plumb bob, surface level, level bar"   

iTalk Lite (free):
"Make voice recordings or record a conversation, etc. and transfer to a PC or Mac"   

Mapquest 4 mobile (free):
"Speaks street names aloud, re-routes automatically, and runs in the background with iOS 4 making FREE navigation easier."   

Pandora Radio
(free): "Just start with the name of your favorite artists, songs, etc. & Pandora will create a ""station"" that plays their music and more music like it."   

Quick Tip (free):
Provides a fast and easy way to calculate the tip for a bill based on the % of your choice   

ESPN Score Center (free):
Keep the grooms and groomsmen updated on the big score of the game to avoid distractions.   

Shazam (free):
"You can now identify a song you hear in the movies, radio, on television, etc. with just the tap of a button."   

You Send It (free):
Track the video files you send with this app.  You can send up to 2 Gig of information for free - larger files require a fee.   

Internet Translator (free):
This is a powerful translator. It uses Google translation server.  you can send your translations through email.    

Tweet Deck (free):
"Stay in touch with what is happening on twitter - send tweets, re-tweet"   

Facebook (free):
"Update your facebook on the wedding day by posting photos, videos and updates"

Wedding Wire (free):
Brides can easily manager their wedding planning from anywhere and search for wedding professionals

Mile Bug Lite (free):
This free version allows you to keep track of business miles which are tax deductible

Accu Weather (free):
Get weather updates and see the radar - especially important when dealing with an outdoor wedding.

Holy Bible KJV (free):
Did any readers leave their reading behind?  Use this to pull up the verse quickly and easily

Paypal (free):
Allows you to send money to friends and family using your existing account.

Film Budget (free):
Up to three project budgets can be tracked

DSLR slate ($4.99):
"Has a color chart, selectable running timecode, along with all the traditional items for input such as Scene, Take, Framerate, Director, etc."

Movie slate ($9.99):
"Easy way to log footage and take notes as you shoot; includes clapboard, shot log and shot notebpad"

Wedding Videos
(free): "This app is a collection of the best videos to see if you are planning a wedding (includes wedding dress styles, flower advice, etc.)"

Wedding Dash Lite
(free): Fun action puzzle game to relieve the stress of wedding  planning

Wedding Dress (free):
This app by the Knot helps brides find the perfect wedding dress

Wedding Vows ($0.99):
Can't decide on your vows - choose from a sample of wedding vows

Sunrise Sunset Lite (free):
Allows you to select a date and location to find the sunset and sunrise

Wedding Day ($0.99):
A real time count down to your wedding day - then keeps track of how long you have been married.

"Waltz,,,Your WeddingDance" ($0.99):
Learn the waltz for your wedding (other styles of dance available too)

Bride & Groom Poses ($4.99):
A wedding photo posing guide for photographers and brides & grooms

iWedding Deluxe ($9.99):
Wedding planner and organizational app

Wedding Savings (free):
Shows you how much money you need to save for your wedding

Wedding Clink (free):
Clink by shaking your iPhone - a fun app to use at the reception

Toasts Master ($0.99):
"Over 400 toasts, 200 famous quotes and 101 proverbs in 24 categories"

Knocking Live Video (free):
Share Video of the wedding day (for example) with other iphone users.  You can sync with other smart phones

DJ Mixer Ultimate (free):
Use DJ Mixer to quickly play a continuous mix of your music with smooth fades between songs or to mix your tracks at a party or just for yourself.

Red Laser (free):
Scans barcodes and you comparable prices when doing any type of (business) shopping

Pro Prompter ($9.99):
Turns your iphone or itouch into a scrolling teleprompter

Color Splash (free):
Allows you to add some creative touches to the photos you take on your iphone.

Ask Dave Ramsey (free):
"A financial app from personal finance guru, Dave Ramsey.  Helps you stay on track with your budget."

Groove Maker (free):
"This is the app for creaating non-stop electronic, dance and hip-hop tracks in real-time, by anyone, anywhere, like a professional DJ."

Wedding Anniversaries (free):
Ensure you have the right gift for the right anniversary every year.  Be traditionalist or go for modern

Color my Wedding ($4.99):
"Create photo samples with your wedding colors, just touch objects in the photos to change their colors instantly."

Wedding Etiquette ($0.99):
"Discover how to plan, manager and adapt perfect wedding etiquette with a step-by-step insider secret guide to save more money."

Brides Wedding Genius (free):
From Brides magazine - the ultimate tool for busy brides

500 Wedding Cakes Sampler ($4.99):
a display of over 500 wedding cakes and the details

Wedding Timeline (free):
Displays a timeline of your wedding day so all vendors can be on the same page

Wedding Tips ($0.99):
Popular wedding tips from leading experts.  Learn ways to save money on your wedding.