Digital Juice Introduces The Chroma Pop Stand Kit For Portable Green Screens
Posted Oct 25, 2010

Digital Juice® announced today that it is releasing the Chroma Pop® Stand Kit, a portable support system designed specifically for the company’s highly successful Chroma Pop® green|blue reversible pop-up screen.

The screen is used by videographers and photographers to film or photograph characters or objects against the green or blue background. An editor can then key out and replace the green or blue background with a completely different scene, making for some very creative photography or film making. “An important part of any green screen production is making sure the screen itself is properly setup so it provides as smooth a filming surface as possible,” says Viv Beason, Digital Juice President and head of it’s rapidly expanding production gear division. “The Chroma Pop Stand Kit helps ensure a proper green screen shooting experience each and every time.”

The Chroma Pop Stand Kit contains two durable, high-quality, all-metal stands that can extend to more than 9 feet in height — and still fold down for transport and storage to a compact 43 1/2 inches. The adjustable width footprint provided by each stand’s collapsible tripod base gives stability and rigidity throughout its range, providing steady support even in tight spaces. To attach to these stands and support the Chroma Pop, the package also includes four connectible cross-member rod sections which allow for an assembled support width of 6 to 12 feet — more than sufficient to support the Chroma Pop screen. These cross-member rods provide multiple mounting slots, allowing the Chroma Pop screen to be mounted straight and tight in both vertical and horizontal positions. The Chroma Pop Stand Kit fits into a neatly organized custom-fitted carry bag for a total package that weighs just under 12 pounds, making it easy to store and even easier to transport.

“Not only is the stand kit perfect for setting up and positioning the portable Chroma Pop screen, it can be used to support a variety of alternate materials such as white photo backdrop paper and draped fabric backdrops for product and portrait photography,” says Beason. By themselves, the adjustable tripod-base stands can also be used to support a variety of accessories such as lights, screens and reflectors (including Digital Juice’s regular and Super 5-in-1 Reflector screens).

Pricing & Availability
The new Chroma Pop Stand Kit can be ordered through Digital Juice's online store ( ) or by calling the company's customer service center toll-free at 800-525-2203. The Chroma Pop Stand Kit retails for $159.95 and can be purchased as a bundle with the Chroma Pop Screen and Deluxe Bag for as much as 20% off. Check the website for details on specials.