Zacuto USA Announces the Introduction of the Z-Finder EVF Electronic Viewfinder for DSLR Cameras
Posted Oct 15, 2010

With the increasing popularity of DSLR cameras in the television, independent film and video industries, Zacuto USA, a high-end camera accessories manufacturer, introduces the Z-Finder EVF electronic viewfinder.

Zacuto USA is leading the way with the Z-Finder EVF: a 3.2 inch, high resolution monitor that will work in conjunction with existing Z-Finders optical loops. “The resolution of the screen is incredible,” says DP & Director Philip Bloom, “which makes focusing an absolute doddle. Finally, a proper true viewfinder for these DSLRs.” Today, “We’re gonna change the game...again," says Steve Weiss and Jens Bogehegn, veteran filmmakers, product designers and owners of Zacuto. “We have been working on the EVF design for the past five months and we are including features shooters need, such as, false color & peaking.”

Zacuto is the only camera accessories manufacturer to offer an EVF with a two-piece design. This design creates three functional uses:
1. Z-Finder attaches directly to a camera’s LCD screen for run'n'gun shooting.
2. Z-Finder attaches to EVF monitor creating the world’s first anti-fog EVF.
3. Flipping up the Z-Finder allows users an adjustable 3.2" high resolution monitor.

Product Specifications and Key Features:

“The wonderful part is we're half-way there considering we’ve had almost two-years to perfect the optics portion of our Z-Finder, especially with our new anti-fog system, which has become the mainstay in the industry," says Weiss. Additionally, Zacuto has created a video series on “The Evolution of the Z-Finder EVF” coming to market. As of Oct 2010, they have released two videos in the series: “Introduction” and “Ergonomics.” In each video, Zacuto brings in outside specialists, DP’s and engineers to talk about these revolutionary concepts, "This is the first time," says Weiss, "we have created a continuing video series involving users, customers, industry leaders and engineers, which will document the evolution of our Z-Finder EVF from inception to delivery."

Pricing and Availability
Z-Finder EVF has a list price of $775.00. An upgrade path for existing Z-Finder users and a combo-kit (Z-Finder with EVF) will be available at a discounted price (TBD). For more information, to watch the Z-Finder EVF Videos Series and to sign up for the Z-Finder EVF reservation list, visit