Strike a Chord With Tunepresto: Original Soundtrack Creation at Your Fingertips
Posted Oct 13, 2010

Tunepresto™ has announced its brand new online platform ( that creates original, royalty-free music composition. Perfect for videos, slideshow presentations and more, Tunepresto analyzes video content to create an original background soundtrack based on individual musical style preferences. In just 4 easy steps, users can experiment with a variety of musical genres to create music that matches the timing and tone of their footage. Step 1: Upload video footage; Step 2: Choose a music style; Step 3: Hear the results; and Step 4: Buy or retry to get a different tune - it’s that simple. Within minutes, finished content can be exported to YouTube®, shared across social media networks and forwarded to friends and colleagues. From home-video hobbyists looking to enhance birthday footage, to professionals looking to avoid the pain and hassle of piecing together soundtracks for presentation videos, users at all levels will have fun producing unique, high-quality compositions with just the click of a mouse.

“We have been busy developing this new music composition technology and we are just about ready to launch it,” says Siun Ni Raghallaigh, founder, Tunepresto. “Anybody can be a virtual composer with Tunepresto - regardless of his or her background. In just seconds, it produces original background music for videos. It’s fun, easy, and simple – completely unique and royalty-free. We are looking forward to its introduction and positive reception.”

Tunepresto Highlights
• Royalty free music: No problems with copyright infringements
• Content can be shared across social media networks (Facebook, Twitter) and published to various video and slideshow platforms (YouTube, SlideShare)
• Soundtrack can be exported in a variety of audio formats, or published as audio and video combined
• For further customization, files can easily be imported into Garageband®, Final Cut Pro®, and Windows® MovieMaker®

Tunepresto also offers a more advanced downloadable desktop product – Abaltat Muse 2.0 - bringing originality to the next level. Its comprehensive composition technology analyzes the color content and duration of each clip and uses this information, along with expansive customization options, to create anything from background music to powerfully orchestrated instrumental soundtracks that coordinate with video content.

Unlike Tunepresto, Abaltat Muse 2.0 users have the added capability of adjusting the genre of music, tempo and changing instruments; thus, enabling thousands of soundtrack possibilities from classical, to hip-hop, to dance and modern 21st century compositions.

Abaltat Muse 2.0 can be purchased via the Tunepresto website ( for $99 USD and is available as an immediate download. Users can also download a 7-day free trial from

Tunepresto Pricing and Availability
The Tunepresto online platform will be released in the fall of 2010, with an open-beta scheduled for September 2010. Pricing of original music compositions run on a pay-per-tune basis. More pricing information will be available soon. Please visit: for more information.