Red Couch Industries Announces the Launch of ScreenLight
Posted Oct 5, 2010

Red Couch Industries has announced the launch of ScreenLight, a new web application that provides a fast and secure way to screen videos for clients, collect their feedback, and get projects approved.

ScreenLight is a video-sharing tool specifically designed for the post-production community. Editors can create screening rooms, upload videos and notify project participants when videos are ready for review. Clients and other project stakeholders can log into the secure screening room, watch the videos, and add their comments.

ScreenLight was originally conceived to address problems that Red Couch co-founder Richard Keating (a professional Editor & Post-Production Supervisor), was having screening videos for his clients. “Anybody who works in this business knows the stress of tight deadlines,” Keating says. “Having to stop in the middle of a busy edit to get screeners out to clients is always a bit of a pain. Uploading to FTPs, managing and sending out url links, keeping track of all the back and forth emails. I needed a tool that would be a centralized communication system with the specific purpose of screening videos, harnessing feedback and getting projects moved towards approval faster and more efficiently.”

According to Keating, making things more efficient for the editor was just one part of the equation. It also needed to address the needs of the end client. “We’ve all had ‘The video won't play on my computer’ call from the client”, Keating says. “Educating the client is part of the job - for some of them it’s their first time with the video production process – but you don’t want it to eat up too much of your time. It’s for this reason that simplicity is at the center of the ScreenLight philosophy. It allows you to keep your clients happy by providing a less stressful experience.”

A subscription based service, all of ScreenLight’s paid plans include unlimited user accounts, an unlimited number of projects, SSL encryption, and the ability to brand client Screening Rooms with your logo and corporate colors. All plans also include a 30-day free trial. You can learn more at

Red Couch Industries was formed in 2007 to provide web-based post-production tools.