Red Giant Software Releases Magic Bullet Suite 10 & Magic Bullet Denoiser
Posted Sep 9, 2010

Red Giant Software just released Magic Bullet Suite 10, a collection of eight software applications used for professional color correction, enhancement, and film output in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Apple Final Cut Pro.

Magic Bullet Suite 10 is offered for the same price of $799, and includes full support for Adobe Creative Suite 5 and and three new products: Magic Bullet Denoiser, Magic Bullet PhotoLooks, and Magic Bullet Grinder.

Magic Bullet Suite is anchored by Magic Bullet Looks, the industry standard for creating unique looks, the leading-edge correction tool Magic Bullet Colorista II, and Magic Bullet Denoiser—new technology that raises the bar on noise reduction.

What's New in Magic Bullet Suite 10

About Magic Bullet Suite
Magic Bullet first hit the streets in 2001, when creator Stu Maschwitz ( debuted a short film at the Sundance Film Festival. Almost immediately after its public release in 2002, video users began clamoring to use the toolset to mimic the look of film and add a final look.

Over the years, Magic Bullet Suite has evolved into a unique set of tools to help users enhance video, color correct with ease, remove noise, conform to 24p, upconvert to HD, and create that final look that captures the story perfectly. Thousands of video projects have used Magic Bullet Suite, ranging from episodes of the Food Network's Good Eats show, the Academy-Award nominated film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and scores of independent films and event videos.

About Magic Bullet Denoiser
Magic Bullet Denoiser is not just another denoiser, the groundbreaking new technology raises the bar on noise reduction.
Users will be amazed at the results. Denoiser goes far beyond the run of the mill noise removal methods that tend to blur fine detail. Denoiser's accurate motion estimation algorithms guarantee great-looking video. Denoiser's default settings work well for most footage right out of the box. Take it even further with customizable controls that let you easily smooth out unsightly chroma blotches and focus noise reduction on shadow regions.

* Watch an intro video on Magic Bullet Denoiser at

Pricing and Availability

Customers that have two or more Magic Bullet products may prefer to upgrade to Magic Bullet Suite 10 for $399.