SmartSound® Adds More Vocal Music to their Voxation Series
Posted Aug 18, 2010

SmartSound Software, Inc., the leader in fully-customizable royalty-free music, has released a new album from "Josh Eagle and the Harvest City" in their highly creative Voxation Series.  The Voxation Series features lyric-based vocal music from talented bands and artists in a SmartSound format that automatically edits length, arrangement and mix in the hands of any video or audio editor.  

Each song on these albums is licensed for royalty-free commercial use and delivered with the instrument tracks and vocals on separate layers.  With the powerful customization control in SmartSound's Sonicfire® Pro software, video editors can easily manipulate these songs to make the instruments and vocals automatically fit the changes in their video.  You can preview and purchase this new album here:

World-class trainer and video expert, Larry Jordan, has produced a video tutorial that shows you how to greatly enhance the impact of your videos with the power of SmartSound's music customization features and this new layered vocal music.  Watch the tutorial on SmartSound's YouTube Channel:

This new album from band "Josh Eagle and the Harvest City" features compelling blue-collar rock with gravelly, heartfelt vocals and poetic lyrics.  SmartSound is working with more bands and artists to keep the Voxation Series growing.

Albums in the Voxation Series are priced at $149.95 each.  All SmartSound Music is available for purchase online as both albums or singles.  All music purchases are downloadable instantly after completing the purchase.  Physical discs can be shipped for an additional charge.  The SmartSound music library is designed to work with SmartSound Sonicfire Pro Express Track® software which is available as a free download or the Sonicfire Pro Scoring Edition available for just $99.95.