MAM-A Inc. Expands Made in USA Recordable Product Line
Posted Jul 22, 2010

MAM-A Inc. is pleased to announce the expansion of our Made in USA Recordable Optical disc product line.  We now offer the full range of our Silver CD-R & DVD-R/+R products and our 24kt Gold Archival CD-R and DVD-R/+R products with a Made in USA option. Completion of our 2010 capacity expansion at our Colorado Springs manufacturing facility now makes this possible.  MAM-A Inc., is the last recordable optical disc manufacturer with CD-R & DVD-R lines in the United States.

Although all of our discs are made to the same high standards, products made in Colorado give an option to Americans willing to pay a little more to purchase Made in USA goods, and for North American trade partners looking to pay lower tariffs. 

Ram Nomula, Chief Executive Officer for MAM-A. commented “We are proud to be more than just a sales office and still make discs here in America.”