Red Giant Software Releases First iPhone App: Plastic Bullet
Posted May 28, 2010

Red Giant Software released its first iPhone app called Plastic Bullet, created by filmmaker and photographer Stu Maschwitz.

Adding to Red Giant's growing line of photography tools, Plastic Bullet puts the fun, spontaneity, and surprise of plastic-fantastic toy cameras right into your pocket. Just tap to turn your photos into gloriously unpredictable works of art-then tap again to change the look.

"We all take photos with our cell phone cameras, usually with the intention of communicating something emotional to our friends or families. Not just 'we went to the park today,' but what it felt like to be at the park. But as cell phone cameras increase in quality, the images get more clinical, less emotional. They're too perfect. Plastic Bullet is all about bringing emotion and spontaneity back to mobile photography. The creativity comes in how you respond to the infinite variety of results possible with the app," said Stu Maschwitz, Creative Director at Red Giant Software, whose film credits include Sin City.

How does Plastic Bullet work?

Start with the built-in camera or a shot from your Photo Library. Plastic Bullet develops your photo into four totally random variations. Like one? Tap it to see it larger. Love it? Tap the heart to save. Or keep tapping the Refresh button to see infinite variations. If you like one, save it! You'll never see it again.

Just like a real plastic camera, photos from Plastic Bullet can be amazing in ways you never expected. There's also an option to save your original shots, so you can develop more random versions later.

More Info

* Watch a video introduction of Plastic Bullet.
* Visit the Plastic Bullet product page.
* Buy Plastic Bullet now for $1.99.

User Feedback
Plastic Bullet already has thousands of fans in just a couple of days in the app store.

"iPhone photography has become a bit of an obsession with me the past few months and the random craziness of Plastic Bullet has given me some really incredible twisted images and I love it," said Philip Bloom, Filmmaker (full review).

"Bottom line Plastic Bullet is awesome! The images are dreamy plasticy and lovely. If you like the toy camera look this is the app to get," said Bill Pennington (full review).