K-Tek Introduces Norbert Camera Accessory Mounting System
Posted May 7, 2010

K-Tek introduces the Norbert Camera Accessory Mounting System - a versatile accessory management system designed to complement SLR, video-capable DSLR and compact HD video cameras.

Norbert allows the working professional to attach a large array of production tools to a DSLR camera without compromising the camera's integral shoe mount. The heart of the system is the Norbert base frame. Machined from rugged yet lightweight black anodized aluminum, the frame has numerous threaded holes in 1/4x20 and 3/8x16 sizes and 23 standard shoe mounts that allow the user to customize the Norbert system to meet the specific needs of any shooting situation. The frame attaches to the camera via a handy quick-release mechanism. Additional threaded holes on the base accept tripod mounting brackets. What's more, its angled design enables larger, heavier accessories to be centered over the camera's center of gravity, providing a natural balanced package when used for handheld applications as well as better access to the monitor. Norbert's rectangular design and open frame construction allow for easy access to the camera's controls and connectors. The wide flat base enables the entire assembly to easily mount on a tripod.

K-Tek's optional Dual Handle Kit has 2 elbow brackets that attach easily to Norbert to enable handheld use. Twin ergonomic foam-covered graphite handles allow it to be maneuvered from any position or angle desired. Also available separately, the handles can be attached to any side of Norbert, allowing the user to grip the system from above, or even hold the camera upside down or sideways. An optional adjustable camera mounting plate enables use of Norbert with cameras with long lenses and/or external battery packs.

K-Tek offers a full array of clamps, mounts, brackets and other camera accessories to complete the Norbert system as well as the industry favorite, K-Tek boom poles. Suggested list price is $425.00,.