Band Pro Offers FGV 7D-PL for Cinematographers
Posted May 10, 2010

Band Pro is pleased to offer the new FGV 7D-PL camera, modified by FGV Schmidle. This versatile cinematography tool is a standard Canon 7D permanently retrofitted with a one-piece lens/sensor/base mounting element made of rock-solid steel. Unlike most DSLR modifications, the FVG 7D-PL comes with a one-year limited warranty from FGV Schmidle.

The camera's mirror and optical viewfinder are removed and the original sensor block is rigidly reinstated in connection with the one-piece 3/8" threaded steel mounting bracket and PL lens mount, which ensures that all critical elements of the camera move as one. A 3-pin Fischer connection is added to allow start/stop control when using a handgrip system or remote camera controls. This makes the modified 7D ideal for remote rigs, car rigs and cranes/jibs.

The 7D utilizes an APS-C sensor, closely matching the size and depth-of-field characteristics of other single-sensor digital cameras. The new FGV 7D-PL is a professional moviemaking tool that can accept most popular PL lenses.