16x9 Inc. Debuts Strongest Articulating Arm at NAB
Posted Apr 8, 2010

At the NAB Show, April 12-15, 16x9 Inc. will unveil its strongest, most versatile articulating arm -- the Noga Griffin Arm. The Noga Griffin Arm is designed to hold lights, small cameras or monitors and any other production accessory that requires and extended articulation mount. It is bigger, longer and outperforms all other three-joint articulating arms on the market.

At the heart of the Griffin Arm is the Flip-lever with safety catch that quickly and easily locks or releases with one turn the arm's three articulated joints all at once. You can get your accessory into the perfect position, and when things change on set -- and they almost always do -- a fast, simple adjustment of the arm allows you to go with the flow. The arm features variable-friction load adjustment, and when locked there is no play in the lever or any of the Griffin Arm joints. The rugged Griffin Arm also holds more weight than any counterpart -- 10 pounds at full extension.

Made up of two equal-length arms and three articulating joints, the Griffin Arm's overall length is 22 inches. The versatile arm can be mounted on a light stand or anywhere else with a grip clamp. Each arm has an industry-standard 5/8 pin threaded at the ends in (1) 1/4-20 and (1) 3/8-16, respectively, for additional mounting options.

See the Noga Griffin Arm at NAB Booth# C10308. MSRP for the Noga Griffin Arm is $190. For more information, contact: 16x9 Inc., 28314 Constellation Rd., Valencia, CA 91355, Phone: (661) 295-3313, Fax: (661) 295-3314, info@16x9inc.com, www.16x9inc.com.