Switronix Debuts New DSLR Power Solution for Canon 1D MkIV
Posted Mar 28, 2010

Switronix Inc releases the newest addition to their line of Power and Accessroies for the DSLR Market. The new XP-DSLR-12C allows users to power the Canon 1D MkIV from an external battery source.

The cable features a regulated 12v connector jack for the OEM Canon 1D MKIV (ACK-E4 required for operation) camera with an inline female p-tap connector for 12vdc, housed in an enclosure. The cable comes with both Red and Green LED indication to display status of battery power.

Alongside the Canon 1D power solution Switronix has also introduced the XP-MAGIC-12 cable to power the Black Magic Mini Converter via an inline female P-tap connection. This follows Switronix previous introduction of the XP-AJA-5 for the AJA mini converter.

All Products are Now available.

For more information on both of these products, visit http://www.switronix.com.