Band Pro Presents Tools for 3D
Posted Feb 8, 2010

At Band Pro's One World on HD Open House back in December we debuted one of Sony's newest cameras, the HDC-P1. This compact, box-style camera does full HD with a 2/3" CCD sensor, B4 mount and variable frame rates, including 24p. Originally conceived as a studio camera, this camera will soon find itself flying off the shelf in pairs because of its natural fit for 3D production.

One primary concern for today's stereographers is the size of the cameras. Bigger cameras require bigger 3D rigs and limit mobility. When a handheld or Steadicam shot is necessary, the smaller the cameras, the better. The HDC-P1 measures 8 3/8"x5 1/8"x3 1/2" (LxWxH), and with a weight under 4 pounds, your flexibility can go even further. Order now from Band Pro and take delivery around the beginning of March.

For fantastic cinema-quality images, ZEISS DigiPrime and DigiZoom lenses are an excellent match for these cameras. Not only are these ZEISS lenses designed specifically for 2/3" cameras like the HDC-P1, but they have all received the Carl Zeiss proprietary color matching treatment to ensure uniform color between lenses. With the exacting specifications and image matching required by 3D production, ZEISS lenses stand ready to deliver.

The technical rigors of stereoscopic production demand a great shot in the field because a "fix-it-in-post" image capture mentality will result in unusable footage and costly reshooting. That's why Astro Design came up with the SM-3324 monitor. This 24" 3D LCD monitor incorporates many features that cinematographers have been asking for. The LCD panel has an impressively wide viewing angle, and the internal 3D processor can ingest multiple 3D formats (Line-by-Line, Field Sequential, and Side-by-Side) and automatically display them as a 3D image. Perhaps the most unique feature is the ability to process two HD-SDI feeds (single or dual) simultaneously and output a 3D image. Get it right the first time by seeing it right in the field.

All of these products and much more 2D and 3D equipment are available from Band Pro's Burbank, New York, Munich and Tel Aviv offices.