Dulce Systems Expands the PRO RX Lineup with the PRO RXqp
Posted Jan 21, 2010

The PRO RXqp, designed from the dependable and field proven PRO RX, adds the removable RAID protected Quad Packs to enhance creative workflow for the content creation teams by permitting them to sneaker-net contents across town or around the world.

The Quad Packs are solid, removable and portable. Each configured with four high-performance SATA II 3Gb/sec 7200RPM disk drives, each Quad Pack can be made as a RAID protected pack in RAID 0/1/3/5 or 6 configurations. Four Quad Packs can be loaded into the 3u rack mounted PRO RXqp each operating independently or they can be combined to make a single larger RAID setup.

Each Quad Pack can support up to 6TB of useable RAID 5 protected storage capacity, that is large enough to hold 6 hours of 2k DPX material, in double protection RAID 6 mode a Quad Pack provides up to 4TB of useable storage. Combine four Quad Packs and the total storage capacity increases to 24TB in RAID 5 mode.

The PRO RXqp with the Quad Packs also has impressive performance numbers; data can be transferred in and out at substantial speeds for transporting or for online real-time editing and creation. A single Quad Pack in RAID 0 performance mode measures over 500MB/sec, RAID 3/5 protection mode gets 390MB/sec and over 250MB/sec with double drive protection RAID 6. These performance figures enable multiple streams of video resolutions in DVCPRO HD, ProRes, uncompressed HD as well as 2k.

If more performance is required, multiple Quad Packs can be RAIDed together and data rates will exceed 800 MB/sec.

The PRO RXqp and the Quad Packs are Mac, Windows and Linux compatible, and work with Apple's Final Cut Studio, Adobe's Premiere Pro, Avid's Media Composer and other popular video editing and creation tools. Each Quad Pack can be managed to hold different dailies or hold different projects, they can be managed to be independent of each other and each can be conveniently transported or stored.

The PRO RXqp uses the 20Gb/sec PCI-express 8 lane Extender technology to extend the computer's PCI-express bus to the PRO RXqp enclosure. This enables the hardware-based, high performance RAID controller to be housed in the PRO RXqp enclosure which allows it to run at full speed and keep cool, thus reducing the heat buildup that otherwise would be retained inside the computer.

Need additional storage? Just purchase 1, 2, 3 or as many Quad packs as you require for your new project. You can keep your old projects or projects that have been placed on hold on your existing RAID protected Quad packs. There is no need to purchase additional RAID enclosures or RAID controllers! Need to get an old file from one of your old projects? Just plug-in your "qp" to the PRO RX qp and you're set to start work. You don't need to download data or transfer files - just start to work.

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