Zacuto Films Presents FilmFellas Cast 6: Cinematography
Posted Dec 2, 2009

After launching their FilmFellas webisodic series in January 2009, which features a revolving cast of influential and emerging filmmakers, Zacuto Films announces the release of five new webisodes to their webisodic fall line-up of shows. Premiering November 4th, FilmFellas Cast 6 "The DP Edition" will represent an eclectic mix of cinematographers from the independent film scene: Robert Primes, ASC (Quantum Leap, Thirty Something), Trent Opaloch (District 9), London Based DP Philip Bloom (If I were Prime Minister) and first time host Jens Bogehegn, Cinematographer and Producer of FilmFellas/critics.

By bringing together cinematographers from all spectrums of the independent film industry, FilmFellas Cast 6 covers cinematography from a unique set of perspectives and diverse points-of-view. "On the one hand," says Steve Weiss, Director of FilmFellas/critics, "you have Bob Primes, ASC, representing the traditional Hollywood film industry. On the other hand, you have Trent Opaloch, mostly a commercial director, but with his runaway hit District 9. Next, you have Philip Bloom, a London based independent cinematographer, who represents the entire indie movement on the Internet." Rounding out the round table discussion is first time host Jens Bogehegn, who brings to the table 27 years of shooting experience in the commercial and corporate arena.

The dynamics of such an award winning cast of major players promises to bring forth lively round table discussions covering such topics as: creative freedom, the art of collaboration, maintaining the vision/direction of the film, the challenging DP/Director relationship, and more. Toward the end of the series, the FilmFellas cast of DPs dive into an intense debate surrounding cutting edge techniques in cinematography and discuss in detail, the emerging "game changers," such as the new breed of DSLR Cameras (Canon 5DMKII and 7D). Trent Opaloch shares his thoughts, "I think I have a new appreciation for some of the new HD capable DSLR cameras out there right now and I'm looking forward to exploring that technology." Zacuto Films will release the first webisode of FilmFellas Cast 6: Cinematography on November 4, 2009.

"Man, sitting with Trent Opaloch, Philip Bloom and Jens Bogehegn made me feel young! If that isn't the bleeding cutting edge of cinematography today, I don't know where it is." ~ Robert Primes ASC

"As long as I can remember, I wanted to be a filmmaker." Wanting to come full circle and get back to their roots of creating original content, In December 2008, film/video veterans Steve Weiss and Jens Bogehegn created their first Webisodic Series: FilmFellas which offers viewers a behind the scenes peek into the minds of influential and emerging filmmakers...where talking film is the family business. In August 2009, Steve Weiss, Director of FilmFellas, and Philip Bloom, a London based Cinematographer, come together as dueling co-hosts to candidly critique web based video content. [ critics ] offering an eclectic mix of personalities, perspectives and laughter. For a complete schedule of Zacuto Films Programming, visit