The Hollywood Edge Releases Two Specialty SFX Collections
Posted Nov 8, 2009

The Hollywood Edge has released two sound effects collections designed to provide sound professionals with new tools to create that perfect moment or take audiences on a journey into the great unknown.

Musical Accents is a selection of accents, transitions, ambiences and hits suitable for a broad range of productions. The collection features more than 300 effects produced exclusively for The Hollywood Edge by award-winning sound designer Kamen Atanasov, ranging from macabre animal sounds to searing bullets to an array of sci-fi oriented stingers-all in 16-bit stereo.

"For this collection, I made raw recordings of more than 40 instruments, including grand pianos and Chinese instruments," says Atanasov. "I had a lot of fun manipulating and bending sounds in order to produce unique and fresh effects."

Cosmic Environments represents the latest work from Bob Hart, creator of The Hollywood Edge's Alien Machine Shop collection. The new package draws on the dark side with 450 all-new effects steeped in creepiness, tension and foreboding. Hart created the collection by traipsing through junkyards and factories armed with a field recorder and a vivid imagination.

"This library is meant to fill a void for a certain kind of atmospherics that are a bit creepy and hard to put your finger on," explains Hart. "I took sounds that were recorded in the field and put them through multiple effects and synths resulting in effects that truly have never been heard before."

Both Musical Accents and Cosmic Environments are available now at