Class on Demand Ships Comprehensive Video-Based Training for Windows 7
Posted Oct 23, 2009

Class on Demand®, a provider of professional educational products for creative markets, announced today that "Windows 7 Made Easy" is now shipping. The more "user-centric" Windows 7 introduces vast performance improvements, advanced touch screen capabilities, full 64-bit support and a variety of new programming; including updates to Mail, Movie Maker, Photo Gallery and more. Dan Gookin, technology guru and author of the first successful "For Dummies" books, spearheads the new training release, incorporating humor and expert instruction into an easy-to-use format for Class on Demand students at all levels.

"With all of the buzz surrounding the new Windows 7 OS, we wanted to be ready to ship the 'Windows 7 Made Easy' training near its anticipated release date," says Paul Holtz, CEO and founder, Class on Demand. "Dan Gookin's unique sense of humor was a huge hit with our students in his last training for Class on Demand titled: 'Windows Vista Made Easy.' His personality, coupled with his instruction techniques, really helps the instruction resonate well and in the most enjoyable way possible. We look forward to working with Dan on future Windows releases and have no doubt that this training will help introduce new and returning Windows customers to its user-friendly capabilities."

"Windows 7 Made Easy" delivers an exceptional viewing quality combined with over 4-hours of highly engaging instruction by Gookin. The 6-part training delivers an in-depth explanation of the new Microsoft OS, including: desktop instructions, disks files and folders, networking and the internet, control panel, Windows Media Player, digital photography and more. The Class on Demand training methodology provides a modular approach to learning Windows 7, giving both new users and seasoned veterans the option to pick and choose the components they want to focus on.

To access sample chapters from "Windows 7 Made Easy," including "Windows Media player" and "Sharing Info. With Cut and Paste," please visit:

Pricing and Availability

The new Class on Demand training for Windows 7 is priced at $99.95 USD and is available to purchase as a DVD from Class on Demand (